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This girls generation/snsd fondo de pantalla contains dama de honor.

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Come on!Who doesn't like Taeyeon?!But just in case..

One of SNSD’s más popular members, Taeyeon is Girls Generation’s cute ajumma “kid” leader. Yes those two adjectives contradict each other, but both are perfect for describing this particular person. Though Taeyeon has her incredibly immature moments, her dorky childishness is very much balanced with her natural maternal instincts and strong amor for her group. Taeyeon may express her amor a bit differently than other people (i.e. perving on the rest of SNSD, grabbing people’s butts, harassing them), but the girl means well. One...
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Photographer Jo Se Hyun guested on the December 24th episode of MBC‘s ‘Happy Day‘ and praised Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany for her positive personality.

Reporters visited the scene of the photographer’s foto exhibit, ‘The 10th Letters from Angels‘, for the release of his new pictorial on raising awareness for adoptees and single mothers.

The photographer commented, “If we combined all of the fees that the celebrity modelos should have been paid for for their participation, it would amount in the billions of won (7 figures in USD). If it were not for their support, I don’t believe...
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So, these are the final results "VOTED por SONES":

Let's start!

9.Rich Voice YuRi
Really!? YuRi last?, I really amor her low husky voice, It's Unique!, but I respect your opinion guys, and in my opinion, she's my 6th.

Yul's Best canto moments:

8.Husky Voice Tiffany
I really don't get why Tiffany is so low and I noticed that she's always the 8th place in round encuestas and i was like "I think Tiffany and number 8 are really meant to be" but seriously, Why is she in this place? I amor her husky tone and she can reach high notes, her voice is great but she needs...
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kinda long hace @__@ but it makes me look adelante, hacia adelante to their performance on MC THIS SATURDAY!!!
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Snsd Seohyun and f(x) Victoria reached MVP at 100 Million examen mostrar
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