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This girls generation/snsd foto contains medias, leotardos, and collants. There might also be calcetería, manguera, las piernas desnudas, pantimedias, pantalones ajustados, ceñido, piernas desnudas, pantalones ajustados a la piel,, medias, pantalones ceñidos, ceñidos, leotardo, maillot, juego del cuerpo, traje de gato, leotard, unitard, traje de cuerpo, mameluco, and juego del gato.

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posted by snsdlover4ever
Credits to: link

I'm just copy and pasting this in case any of tu are too lazy to click the link and/or it isn't working.

Have any of tu ever thought of why Tiffany is always quick to answer preguntas on videos o TV programs? Many SONEs call her attention seeking, but think about this way.

She’s been called Manager Hwang, for her caring character. But she seems más like the mother she lost when she’s with the rest of the group. In Hello Baby, she didn’t get along well with Kyungsan, but she’s always the one who was cleaning up after the rest of them. When she held him, Kyungsan would...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Over the past few weeks, I've been making encuestas of which song fans thought were the worst in the album and here are the results! enlaces to each round will be in blue, so click on it to see what other fans thought!

6. link
Honestly, this is one of SNSD's worst songs. I literally can't stand hearing it anymore. The vocals were okay, but it sounded too electronic, and overall, it turned out to be a really bad song.
I can't take the song seriously. The girls sounded amazing, but hearing the chorus with the English line at the end made me cringe.

4. link
1ofakinD_99: I don't know why ppl hate soul...
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posted by BlackPearlLuver
Hello! I just want to make a bias lista and why they are at their spot. Just keep in mind I amor all of them:)

#9:Yoona is my least favourite member and I actually don't know why. I actually liked her the most when I found out about girls generation and then I started to like other members más and disliking her up to number 9!

#8:Jessica is number eight because I sometimes don't like her attitude..... I still amor her though<3

#7 Hyoyeon is number 7 . She is very funny and an amazing dancer and I amor her unique husky voice but something just makes me dislike her but I don't know why.. Maybe...
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