girls generation/snsd SNSD Archade #1 <R7 & R8>

snsd_hyo posted on Dec 01, 2014 at 02:16AM
I will just compile the games/ideas here.... Sorry if it is very lame/not that interesting but i think it will help me to know other sone especially the new one...

Archade 1
Since there are new sone here so i guess this will produce a new results <maybe>
the rules is just easy
~you can just vote for 3 soshi
~please dont post any picture
~dont be bias....

-the cutest girl - Taeyeon
-the funniest girl- HyoSooTae
-the bad girl- Sooyoung
-with motherly personality -SeoFany
-with childish personality-Taeyeon
-the aegyo queen-SunTae
-the dancing queen-
-the queen of magazine-
-the asian face-
-the european face-
-the models-
-with the best eyes features-
-with the best nose features-
-with the best jaws features-
-with the best lips features-
-the best unique faces-
-best body ~s-line-
-with unnies personality-
-with maknae personality-
-the best fashionista-
-the worst fashionista-
-best chef-
-best eye-smile -
-best smile -

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