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DaniMF posted on Aug 05, 2014 at 03:17PM
This is a very simple game. I'll start with hairstyles, I'll post the noum of any member and you'll have to post a hairstyle that you like. Simple, right?

Rounds will be more difficult as much as rounds pass. And I won't edit that title, which makes it more difficult if you want to post.

There will not be eliminiation, everybody can participate whenever they want, and stop whenever they want.

Links are allowed.

You'll have 2 days to post a pick. You can still post a pic after the round but you won't get props for it.

Winner - 5 props
Runner up - 3 props
Edited props (if you edit the pic by yourself, you have to tell if you did) - 2 props
Fast props (the first that post) - 2 props the first, 1 prop the next
What makes the game funnir is that you will get 1 more prop per round if you post consecutivelly. If you don't post in a round you'll lose the props and it will start counting again.


Round 1: Taeyeon hairstyle
-Winner: denise333
-Runner up: KaitlynEllie

Round 2: Jessica hairstyle
-Winner: Ieva0311
-Runner up: SweetPrincess07

Round 3: Sunny hairstyle
-Winner: Gretulee
-Runner up: snsdlover4ever

Round 4: Tiffany hairstyle + Rare pair
-Winner: Syltre - K-PopXD (HyoFany)
-Runner up: Tippany - Ieva0311 (TaeRi)

Round 5: Hyoyeon hairstyle
-Winner: sandra311
-Runner up: Gretulee

Round 6: Yuri hairstyle
-Runner up:

Round 7: Sooyoung hairstyle + TaeNy pic
-Runner up:
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