girls generation/snsd Soshi vs Soshi (Summer Version - Round 3)

kpop4everlover posted on Jun 30, 2014 at 07:43PM
In this game we need 9 players , one player for each member.

Rules -
~ Choose a member to represent (you can only choose that member if it isn't chosen, if not then you will have to choose another member.)
~ Only post according to the topic
~ Don't duplicate images

Summer version

Taeyeon (Soshi 1) - denise333 - 21 points
Jessica (Soshi 2) - Tippany - 19 points
Sunny (Soshi 3) - Syltre - 29 points [ELIMINATED]
Tiffany (Soshi 4) - pretty_angel92 - 27 points
Hyoyeon (Soshi 5) - sandra311 - 18 points
Yuri (Soshi 6) - mnpl - 31 points
Sooyoung (Soshi 7) - DaniMF - 19 points
Yoona (Soshi 8) - snsdlover4ever - 23 points
Seohyun (Soshi 9) - SweetPrincess07 - 16 points

So the game is simple if you get it. So once each soshi is chosen then you will have to collect points for them and at the end the last person left may not win the game but most likely too , the person with most POINTS will win . You post pics or words according to the round. So I could do something like Soshi 1 (Taeyeon) vs Soshi 2 (Jessica) to post a pic or answer a question. A member will be eliminated every 2 rounds and after 18 rounds then we'll have a winner. (according to points not the time of elimination!) So the first round will contain all soshi members and the third round will contain eight soshi members (one is eliminated after round 2.) The topics will be related to summer or have something in common.

Good luck!
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