girls generation/snsd Fun New Game! (Extreme Version)

Curlymckay_ posted on Jan 30, 2014 at 09:04PM
This is the third version of my Fun New Game! (FNG) game.

Original Version -> link

Version 2.0 -> link

You should know how to play, if not go look at the original version.

1) You may give a total of 4 points to the members, 1 member you can give 2 points, and then the other 2 only get one. You HAVE to distribute the points between THREE members.
2) You can vote every hour (if you want, you can post whenever really just don't spam post)
2.5) If there is nobody on and you want to revote after an hour you may.
3) Have fun!

Just ask me any other questions. Yeah.

OH! I forgot the reason that this is the extreme version. You have to try and get the members to 1000 points.

1. Yoona
2. Yuri
3. Taeyeon
4. Jessica
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