girls generation/snsd Contest~ Round 10 (Open)

Tippany posted on Dec 21, 2013 at 06:51PM
So this is one of those regular games you have seen before. Well, here how the contest works.
~ Every round, I will ask you to post a video, a photo, or GIF of one or more Soshi members doing something
~ I will choose who post the best and give props to that person. Other who participate will receive 1 prop each.
1st: 6 props
2nd: 4 props
3rd: 2 props
~ Each round will open for 2 to 4 days and when I say the round is close, then the next round begins

1. Do not duplicate any post that is already uploaded

Round 1
1st: snsd_hyo
2nd: Curlymckay_
3rd: Gretulee

Round 2
1st: yaya1809
2nd: Syarah26
3rd: IU-CharA and Hyori143

Round 3
1st: kpop4everlover and princess89
2nd: aeiras and kim_haera
3rd: ChikiShikiPop and taylorSwii

Round 4
1st: snsdlover4ever and snsd_hyo
2nd: ksw and Curlymckay_
3rd: princess89 and ChikiShikiPop

Round 5
1st: pyang163
2nd: Gretulee and Hyori143
3rd: kpop4everlover

Round 6
1st: Hyori143 and IU-CharA
2nd: Gretulee and princess89
3rd: yaya1809 and Aya_tz

Round 7
1st: yaya1809 and snsdlover4ever
2nd: kim_haera and DaniellelovesBB
3rd: kpop4everlover and Aya_tz

Round 8
1st: GDragon612 and IU-CharA
2nd: Aya_tz
3rd: 49days

Round 9
1st: Gretulee
2nd: Hyori143
3rd: snsd_hyo

Round 10
1st: Hyori143
2nd: 49days and GDragon612
3rd: IU-CharA and nacchiee
 So this is one of those regular games tu have seen before. Well, here how the contest works. ~ Ever
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