girls generation/snsd Which SNSD member(s) is/are your favorites? Please tell why! Only most favorito! three members please, no más than that!

mushroomgem posted on Jul 15, 2011 at 06:41AM
My favorites are Seohyun, and then Tiffany, and then Yuri.

Seohyun is the best singer in the group, i think! I love her voice the most, and I like that she's good at everything! Even though she's a main singer she's not a bad dancer. She's the most natural looking, I think, and the most beautiful! She's gorgeous. She is fluent in lots of languages, and can play lots of musical instruments. She's not bad in acting too. And last but not least, I love how she performs on stage and in videos! And i love her personality! She's sincere, honest, modest, loyal, hardworking, and the youngest! Even if you think she doesn't look the best in pictures, you do find yourself liking some of her things, her style. She's the best, especially in mvs like Hoot, Gee, Genie or Run devil run. muah!!!

Tiffany has great style and looks as well! She's really pretty, although not as natural as Seobaby. And i love her singing, she has an awesome voice that's not overly girly but lovely that way too. And her english accent and skills are amazing. I love how she holds herself on stage, when she's performing, and how she's like in mvs like mr taxi, even though I like seohyun more in these areas. love you fany!!

Yuri has the ideal body for a girl! She's the ideal height, and she's slim and tan and fit. I don't know how to describe it but i find her really good a dancer. I think she's better than hyoyeon. She looks the best in black soshi kewl girl clothes, i think she's the best looking in RUN DEVIL RUN, and when she's dancing she's amazing! love you yuri!
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