This is a new ranking. It's been a long time. Hope you'll enjoy.


She's not a clear winner for me, once. Yes, she's good, but she's been kinda bad lately for someon who is in her level, recently she's gotten better, but that won't make me ignore her past. She's got tons of control over her voice, but her high notes has gotten worse.

Voice: 8th

Not very interesting for me.


Neither a clear segundo one. She has decent high notes, and a pretty good control over her low notes. She's kinda unstable when she sings too much.

Voice: 3rd

I amor her tone, so husky.


Again, she isn't a clear third one. I think Seohyun has gotten a leven in which she can easily swap with Tiffany o Taeyeon. She's got an amazing control in low and medium notes, but the worst high notes in the vocals if we don't count Sunny.

Voice: 7th

Boring, but at least unique.


I know I'm going to get a lot of hate here but before saying nothing let me explain. First, she's got control over her voice, she can sing higher and lower live. Second, she's solved partially her breathing problems. Third, she sings más clearly and tu easilly notize it por their lives.

Voice: 1st

She has a different tone for each song, and I can easilly tell when she's singing.


And now let me explain here. The main reason she's here is because despite her good techniques she has huge tone problems. She doesn't tend to hit the right note live.

Voice: 5th

Kinda nice when she isn't using aegyo.


This is the hardest one in all the ranking, because I think Yuri has backed to her level, but I'm gonna give Hyoyeon the spotlight once, because how impressed I'm about her line in INTW Ballad. She's got control and tu easily hear her voice.

Voice: 6th

It sounds nice sometimes, but not all the time.


She's back, don't dude it, but she needs más time to get back. She's now más control and stability than before. Her voice has gotten clearlier.

Voice: 2nd

Her voice is magic, loud but cute.


While there's improvement, it isn't as big as the other dancers. Her voice isn't clear, and as tu could notize I give a lot for it.

Voice: 4th

It's pretty when canto low.

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