Ok this is mainly about Rory and her loves she will viset some ppl she nvr expected to see again

Chapter one
Rory sits on the bus with Aliah her new friend whos been her roomie all through out the begining of the campain Aliah chats about her ex o somthing like that.Rorys not paying much attention she is there watching her but her mind is somewhere eles completely. She thinks about one thing... Logan she thinks about the look on his face when she told him that she was not going to marry him and the look on his face when they first met she thinks of the way she always felt happy around him even when she was mad(annoying but true)she trys to hold back the tears but its hard.
"Rory!...Rory!....RORY!!!"Rory comes back to herself and looks at Aliah who is practicly screaming her name.
"Oh im sorry what?"
"Rory are tu okay"
"Of course I am why wouldnt I be?"
"What?Logan?Aliah im over him no need to worry im just thimking about.......Obama"
"Of course tu were" After she spoke it was quiet and Rory countinued with her thoughts, until they were at the siguiente stop a hotel.Yes!Rory was diying for some sleep.They hadnt traveled very far they were just out of philidelphia.She walked in and began to walk up the stairs when a very impatient person bumped her.All her stuff fell to the floor.The man walked past he.Ugh!she walked up to her hall yet again she was hit por someone this time they helped her.
"Thank you" She looked up and saw a familiar face
"No problum"His voice was deep and sweet he was someone she amor unconditionaly and would never stop no matter what they went through.
"Oh my god!Uh hi...Jess!"She could hardly get it out
"Hi...Rory"He smiled the beautiful smile she always remembered.
"Um...what are tu doing here?"she tryed to stay calm
"On business I haad to do a couple things out here and its going to take a couple of days so I thought I would get a room"
"Are tu still publishing?"
"Yes and ive still been writing"
"Wow thats amazing im glad your doing so well"
"Hurry up Rory im tierd"Aliah complained.Rory had the keys.
"Okay okay im coming"she turned to her than back to Jess"so how long are tu here for"
"Well, im here all día tomarow but I leave the día after"he smiled
"Oh well im in room 135 come por tomarow at 8:00am and we can hang out.Is that ok?"
"Of course ill see tu tomarow"
"RORY!"Aliah dicho impatiantly.
"Got to go bye"she smiled and walked toward Aliah
"Ok lets go"she unlocked the door and walked in.She layed down.She was in aww.She was so amazed
"Did tu see a dead person o somthing"Aliah dicho after she layed down in her bed
"Sorry im just so shoked"she dicho "Im happy"
"Dont be sorry then"
Rory layed in her cama "!!WHAT!!" she thought tho herself one moment shes thinking of Logan the siguiente shes making plans with Jess!
Chapter two
Dont say it again
She sat in a chair all ready to go at 6:00am.They hadnt even started breakfast, so she couldnt go eat while she waited. She decided to wake up Aliah, if she wasnt leaving for two hours might as well have someone to talk t while she waited.
"Aliah"she whispered as she walked towards her."Aliah time to wake up"she dicho as she started to shake her
"No its not"Aliah mumbled "Its the weekend we dont have to leave on the weekend.We're here 'till monday"
"I know but Jess is picking me up in 2 hours and I don't know what to do until then"Rory replied
"I'm not going to talk to tu until he comes"
"NO!!!"she almost screamed
"Now I cant go back to sleep so tu owe me."
"Thank you"
"Hey... um....Luke"Loralai dicho as she walked into Luke's diner.She had not been in there since Rory left.She had been trying to work up the courage to tell him that she just wanted to be friends.
"Hey...Um...Loralai"He dicho sarcasticly"Coffee?"
"Yes,but Luke I need to tell tu something."
"Okay,"She inhailed deepley and let out a mummbled laugh that she really didnt mean"Luke I dont want us to be an us again.Do tu get what I mean?I mean I dont want to fecha I want to Go back to how it was befor we started dating.I want us to be friends for real"
"Okay?Even with what happend"
"Yes even with what happened."He smiled
"Okay then I guess ill have that coffee.To-go"she said
"Alright well her tu g-"he suddenly stoped has he looked outside"What the hell"He dicho as he walked out the door Loralai followed him as he slamed the door.
"TAYLOR!"Luke dicho imediently when he was outside
"Luke im going to go thankes for the coffee."Loralai dicho befor she left.
"Okay bye.Tsylor what the hell are tu doing"
"Well, filling the truck with ice cream of coarse"
"Why do tu have a giant ice cream truck parked outside my dinner"he screamed
"Well,you remember a couple years hace when tu dicho I could get an ice cream truck"
"Yes,but I never thought you'd get one"
"Well I did."Taylor proudly stated
"UGH!"Luke left he didn't have time for this
Rory began to walk towards the door when she heard a knock right when she touched the door knob she relized it was him it was jess the jess that she hasknown for 5 years who she dated,hated,and absolutly loved.
"I cant do this"After she spoke she began hiperventalating.
"Rory stop tu can do this just go out there and talk to him.Please im begging you."There was anouther knock on the door
"Okay ill go out there and talk to him"she took a deep breath and opened the door.
"Hi"She softly mummbled
"Hi" He chuckled "So I thought maybe if its ok with tu we could hit a bookstore and go get some pizza o something and maybe a movie?"
"Ya thats fine"She was still trying to grasp the idea of Jess.
"So how long o tu here for I heard that tu got a spot on the Obama campain?"He asked as he walked her to his car
"Yes I am working on the Obama campain.Im here until Monday."She was warming up to him
Loralai walked into the cocina of the drangonfly inn.She felt like a weight had been lifted off her now that she told Luke what she felt.
"Hey Sukie"
"Hey how are you"
" What are tu sad about Rory"Loralai had been so concentrated on Luke that she had completly forgoten about Rory.Oh god she really wasnt doing well she relized that she is hvaing a hard time she just hadnt relized.She hekd back the tears.
"Ya im fine no need to worry."she sniffled
"Are tu sure?"
"Ya listen i have to go do the... the um.. ya got to go."she walked away with tears rolling down her face.She walked to the front escritorio where michel was getting frustraited with someone on the phone.
"FIN!GODBYE!"He spoke in his horrible french accent wich he skippd letters and instead of saying fine he dicho fin.Instead of goodbye he says godbye
"What was that all about?"Loralai asked whiping away her tears.
"Yo do not wan to know!"There he goes again with that silly accent of his.She answered th phone a few times when michel was in her pouty mood but she wasnt thinking strait.She needed to talk to Rory.
Rory orderd panqueques, tortitas and eggs at the break fast place that Jess had takin her to.Her phone began to ring right as she got her food.
"Rory o honey ive missed tu so much.How is everything?Have tu made any friends?Are tu at some confrence somewhere o something?should i hang up no-"
"Mom,mom calm down"Rory interupted her
"Oh sorry its just iI just relized how much i miss tu and ive been wanting to talk to tu all morning."Loralai could hardly get all her words out.
"Jess ill be right back its my mom."she spoke to Jess
"Your with Jess?"Loralai asked curious.
"Um ya hes doing business out here but listen right after this were goin to a movie then he has to leave so can I talk to tu anouther time?"
"Ya sure amor ya kid."
"Love tu to mom"she walked to the mesa, tabla again.
"Hey,Rory um Im sorry but I just got a call from work and they need me to get down there so i have to get back and pack."
"Oh,okay then lets go."They walked towards the car silently.Jess opened the car door for rory then got in on the other side.
"Hey Jess?"
"I amor tu too."
"Well remember a couple years hace when tu came to pick up your car and tu told me that tu loved me?Well i never told what I felt and I amor tu too."he smiled and they drove back to the hotel.
"She dosnt miss me.She hates me.Shes never going to talk to me again."Loralai sobbed.
"loralai why are tu telling me this?I mean i care about tu and all but why me?" Kurk asked after listening to her cry.
"Because Lukes not here yet."she replied
"Hey Loralai!"Luke dicho as he came down the stairs of his apartment into the diner.
"Get me a donut and some coffee to go."
"Whats wrong."
"Rory hates me?"
"What no she dose not!"
"Yes I called her and she was with Jess and she decided to talk to him rather then me.
"Really shes hanging with Jess?"
"Luke get me some coffee."
Jess comes to Rorys door.She walkes to the door and prepares to say the one word shes always hated.
"Well I better get going."he dicho as she opened the door.
"I geuss so."
"So goodby-"
"No please dont say it again.youve dicho that word to me to many times no más goodbyes maybe just a I amor tu will do"
"I amor tu Rory"
"I amor tu to Jess."she began to cry.He left and she shut the door and layed down dhe was so sad.She called her mom and they talked for a while then they went to sleep.
Chapter three
No way
Monday morning Rory got up sad but ready to go.She walke to her bus and she wlked to her usual asiento in the back as she walked she relized a familiar face 4 rows ahead of her. "No way!" she thought "Will he still talk to me after what happend?"She slowly got up and walked to where he was seated.He looked up and imidiently knew who it was.
"Rory!NO WAY!"
"Marty!I cant belive its you.Im so happy to see you."

To be countinued.....