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I walked out for the Sea of Simulation on that enchanting night, going where I always went when I needed some time to think.
The though of all the elimination of my fellow ISOs, how Clu is going to rule this grid if no one did anything about it, and, as far as I knew, I was his final target.
Sighing, I kicked the ground I walked on, looking down at the moving earth, when my foot came to a pond of water. I stepped back and looked on to see the flowing waves that lied ahead. I looked arouund the area, hesitating to take a step inside, when I heard the distant sound of soft canto coming from...
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posted by Aimee147
Name: Sophie Aimee
Age: 17, nearly 18
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Hair Colour: Platinum Blonde
Eye Colour: Hazel
Skin Colour: Very Pale
Height: 5ft 6 inches
Weight: Unknown
Unusual Features: Sector marking on right arm,white corruption scars on both shoulders from a war long ago

Grid Information
Home Sector: Britcom Plaza
Circuitry Colour: Ice Blue
User Type: perfil Researcher
Allies: Gibson,Flana,Sam,Tron,Anon,Quorra
Enemies: Clu,Rinzler,Abraxas,Black Guards
Strengths: Strategy,small group fights,analysing information,assessing situations
Weaknesses: Large group fights,stealth,can get overpowered easily
Personality:Intelligent,friendly,quiet,protective,observant,caring,sweet,can be vicious when angry
The dark of the night settled on the grid as Sophie walked out of the lift at the botton of End of Line tower. She had gotten bored of sitting and watching the same old people talk and dance, and that special drink just didnt have the epic taste anymore. She wanted to return to her inicial to rest before another long day, but thats not exactly how it happend.

Lurking in the shadows of the buildings surrounding her was Gibson, an ISO that had his eye on Sophie for quite some time. He had came to admire her, though he never really knew her, and a lust took over him that night. He stood up against...
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Some say they would crawl to the end of the earth for the one they loved.. Problem is, Most of the time, they don't mean it. Me.. Another story that would be!

I stood in my tracks in my room at the Bostrum Colony, looking out the glass window at the rain that fell from the sky.
The water sprinkling onto the sill sent me into deep thought.
[/i]What was I doing here? Why was I created? Why are the ISOs hated so much?[/i]
I huffed to myself, knowing I couldn't answer these preguntas on my own.
At that moment I felt as if I should derezze myself.. Throw myself away.. But part of me knew that wouldnt...
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This is happening on Earth, not the Grid. :3

The low flicker of lights made the now falling snow glitter in the moonlight. Winter was coming to an end but the snow stayed.

"Flana, let's get tu inside so tu can be warm." Sam tightened his grip around Flana.

"You seriously can't stay over my place for a little bit?" Flana whimpered at him. "Not even a bit?"

"I wish I could, Flana, but I have something to do."

"Is it that important?" Flana asked, watching her breath in the cold. "More important than me?"

"Of course not!" Flana felt his warm lips touch her forehead. "But I have to do this, no matter...
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posted by Aimee147
Flana huffed as she walked adelante, hacia adelante over the terrain,kicking a few pixel scraps in front of her.An annoyed growl left her lungs and seemed to escape into the cool breezes of the night.Something was troubling her,and she knew exactly what it was.

"That stupid user...who does he think he is!? I had everything under control,Clu didn't stand a chance..."

The image of his sandy blonde hair and piercing eyes were emblazoned in her mind and another distressed sound left her body.

What was his name again?....Sam?..."

Upon mentioning his name,Flana felt a strange fluttering sensation in her stomach,whirling...
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posted by segafan
"You really amor me, don't you?"

Sophie's soft yet gentle voice made Gibson smile. "More than tu could imagine," he dicho softly, besar her forehead gently.

Sophie smiled sweetly and snuggled her head on Gibson's chest. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her slightly. "I don't even know if I could live without you."

"I don't know if I could live without you," Sophie murmured, "that's just impossible to do." She laughed gently. "I amor tu so much."

"I amor tu too." Gibson's lips started trailing up her neck until they reached her lips, and he kissed them. A smirk came on his face as...
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added by Aimee147
Source: Me :)
Flana's corazón started to beat faster in her chest as Sam led her up the stairs,gripping her hand tightly.He had a huge grin plastered onto his face and her cheeks were tinted with a faint rosado, rosa glow.The surroundings from the living room seemed to fade past as they both made their way down the hallway and into Sam's room.Flana barely had time to hear the door close behind them before Sam's lips passionately touched hers.She gasped slightly in surprise and Sam took this opportunity to slide his tongue skilfully into her mouth,exploring every crevice possible.He chuckled and placed his hands on...
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The sky melted into a dark blue on that special night.
Two enamorados por the names of Sophie and Gibson held eachother in their arms.
Overtime, the younge couple have come to amor eachother, and the passion was firy inbetwenn there hearts.

Gibson craddled his beloved Sophie, his arms firmly locked around her waist.
"I amor you" he whisperd, slowly locking his lips around hers in kiss.
He had been waiting for a moment like this to come.
Sophie kissed him back willingly, her corazón starting to race faster as her breathing started to heavy.
Was she prepared for Gibson?
Sparks flew around the room as...
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~Love isn't something tu comprehend,it's something tu feel.~Aimee147

The blinding lights illuminated my vision as I sprinted along the rocky cliff side.Adrenaline pumped through my veins and my corazón was beating rapidly in my chest as the surroundings raced by.Abraxas had infected the entire colony,spreading his infectious rage and poisoning the ISO's from the inside.A threatening crackle sounded out from behind me and I sprinted even faster,knowing the virus was right on my tail.But I didn't care about my wellbeing,only one thought was embedded in my mind.

I know Anon was with him but....I...
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