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la elección de los fans: Yes.
I don&# 39; t have a german sheperd...
la elección de los fans: Black on brown
la elección de los fans: doesn't matter, I just like all forms of the breed
la elección de los fans: Not yet
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purplevampire dicho …
my first dog was a German Shepherd mix name Tommy, i miss him very much. publicado hace más de un año
SanjayBlink dicho …
Hi! Can I use the pictures in... link ...for my character in a roleplay? publicado hace más de un año
ChiliPepperLuv dicho …
It's been less than three weeks since we had our dog, Bingo, euthanized. I've been trying to convince my parents to get a German Shepherd perrito, cachorro this summer. Sadly, my efforts have been fruitless. publicado hace más de un año