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la elección de los fans: A wwe wrestler
A wwe wrestler
A teacher
la elección de los fans: It just comes natural
It just comes natural
Pure Country
la elección de los fans: Yes!
la elección de los fans: Hell Yes!!!
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johnlynda dicho …
My 2 año old watches The Cowby rides away concierto in Dallas every morning and night. sits there with his Yamaha guitarra and tries to mimmick what George is doing with his hands. publicado hace más de un año
lizzybloom dicho …
My Mom passed away 11-14-15....going to play her favorito! George Straight música publicado hace más de un año
LiL_MrS_Cc dicho …
i amor George Strait his música is so calming and he makes his música strong he will make tu feel the emotion in the song whether its sad o missing some one .. his música is beautifully made , i wish i could meet him and lee ann womack ! publicado hace más de un año