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 This is an optional icono for any G.A.P. members, and i might use it.
This is an optional icon for any G.A.P. members, and i might use it.
Welcome to the anti-ghost-account group, created and run por me, tinkerluvr.
I felt strongly that I should create this group to benifite the people of fanpop and to prevent spam because of an articulo i read, link
Please registrarse our group to prevent ghost accounts and make fanpop a better place.

The purpose: We will look out for ghost accounts, track them down, pregunta others and them about it and reportar them to prevent spam if they confess.
Please registrarse us if tu would like to prevent spam on fanpop.
The Members: I, tinkerluvr, am the head of this group, but if tu would like to become the "Vice Prez"...
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posted by tinkerluvr
Here are some of the rules to G.A.P.:

1.Stick to your category! Only investigate your category tu have been assigned to.

2.Please post anything tu have discovered in the foros so we can know of your discoveries.

3.Contact me [tinkerluvr] to join.

4. tu must investigate your category each week, unless tu are sick o on vacation.

5.You also may be allowed to investigate a spot tu created.

6.If i find tu spamming, ghost accounting, o doing something that my seem offensive, o disrespecting these rules, tu will be banned from the group.

I'm sorry if these rules seem harsh, but I'm trying to prevent spam on fanpop, not increase it.
Thank you, and please follow the rules.