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Who do tu think will die in season 6?

For me it has to be:
- Myrcella. Already seen recently released foto of her dead...
- Tommen. He's too weak, and remember the witch who foresaw Cersei's future when she was a child? She foreaw that Cersei would have three blonde haired children, all of whom would die young.
- Jorah Mormont. He has greyscale...
- Ramsay Bolton. Too much nastiness and too many enemies made. He'll get his comeuppance. It's also no coincidence that a new villain - Euron Greyjoy - will enter the show, and will probably become the main villain in Ramsay's place.
- Roose Bolton and his pregnant wife. Perhaps Ramsay's jealousy will go to far?
- Alleser Thorne. A revived Jon Snow (and más likely Melisandre) will seek vengeance.

Think I'm right?

 TheHound1 posted hace más de un año
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Anjalena said:
- #1 Ellaria Sand (My girl! *sobs* I think the damn writers sloppily threw in the Dorne story to further a couple of storylines (like Myrcella and The Mountain and to start this war) but it's been a very 2-dimensional Kingdom and plot, and I think sometime around mid-season, they will have no más need for the Sand Snakes and they will start killing them off, including my beautiful Indira Varma who plays Ellaria!)

- Missandei (no particular reason, just not expected)

- Tommen (though he might last until siguiente season)

- That damn nun with the campana "Shame! Shame!" (cuz I want her to and Cersei is gunning for her!)

**These last ones I can't take all the credit for. I heard them from someone else o got the idea from someone else but am passing them along o fleshing the idea out**

- Roose & Walda, Ramsay, o Sansa o a combination of those. (Sophie Turner (Sansa) stated something traumatic was going to happen to their characters. EEP!)

- Melisandre (I'm thinking she will try to resurrect Jon Snow even though she's never done it before. And she has a history of believing that "only death can pay for life". Perhaps she will sacrifice her life for his.)

-Ed (Jon's friend who went to get the Wildlings in Ep 1)

- High Sparrow (Too many enemies. I think he is playing Good Cop/Bad Cop right now because Tommen is in despair and they need Margaery to get him to wake up and rule. Other than that, he could care less if that nun tortures Margaery Tyrell.)

- Jamie (According to the Witch's prophecy, I believe this is going to happen, though not until after all her children die. And he's going to choke Cersei to death... so.... )

- Cersei (see above. But, these 2 might not happen until Season 7)

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posted hace más de un año 
You're right about the Dorne storyline. Everything about it smacks of shoddy writing, and it just doesn't stand up to the standard of the rest of the show. I like Ellaria as a cold blooded revenge seeking character, but then haven't we got Arya playing that role already? As for Ramsay, Roose and co. - what happened last night in episode 2 had been coming. Couldn't believe how Ramsay finished off Walda and her child though! Interesting to note that he seemed to take no pleasure from it though (even that awful bit with the hounds) - it was almost as if he was going through the motions in his own twisted mind. As for Melisandre, it'll be interesting to see what happens regarding Jon, and whether this magic has truly been a force for good as far as he's concerned. In terms of future events, I don't think Jaime will die - más likely Tyrion. I think Tyrion could be the one who kills Cersei near the end of future series.
TheHound1 posted hace más de un año
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