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How come most Game of Thrones fans don't like Grand Maester Pycelle?

I think Pycelle is the funniest and most entertaining character in Game of Thrones. Why is he so disliked por the fan base?
 Windrises posted hace más de un año
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TheHound1 said:
He is quite an amusing character, and in a way I hope that he doesn't get succeeded por Qyburn, who is a far darker and creepier character. He's probably hated because he's a faker, appearing to be a wise old geriatric maester, who gives sage advice, whereas we know him to be lively enough to have sex with prostitutes and always plotting to undermine the likes of Tyrion and Varys and to further himself.
He is quite loathsome, but the same qualities make him a good character who I also enjoy seeing in the story.
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posted hace más de un año 
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