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Should they do an episode where DJ, Kimmy and Steph and the kids go to New York?

I was thinking if the Olsen Twins can't go to where they shoot the show, they should bring the mostrar to them that way they can get at least one of the Olsen Twins to come and play Michelle! I was thinking Kimmy, DJ, Steph and the kids get invited por Michelle to a big fashion mostrar in New York so they mover the mostrar over the the real New York for that episode and then the characters get invited backstage and meet up with Michelle there. I'm thinking if they can do a Hawaii episode on the actual Hawaii, then why not do a New York episode filmed in the actual New York City? I kinda got the storyline in my head.

Steph and DJ are missing Michelle terribly and really want to see her and have her spend time with her nephews so they write a letter to Michelle asking if she can find time to fly over to San Fransisco and spend a few days with them. Michelle writes back that she's really super busy and cannot get away but she invites them to come over to New York since her fashion empire is doing a big fashion mostrar and she thinks they would enjoy it. Overjoyed, Steph and DJ invite Ramona and Kimmy and with Max, Jackson and Tommy, they all fly over to New York spend some time sightseeing and riding a carriage. They later go over to where the fashion mostrar is and go backstage. Expecting to see a happy Michelle loving her work, they see her yelling at the fashion modelos and getting very worked up and is very stressed out. She sees her family and puts on a happy face and happily greets them. They tell her they know she's not having a good día and they invite her for some relaxation and some fun before the big show. Michelle later becomes too relaxed that she completely forgets about the mostrar and misses it. Enraged, she yells at her sisters and tells them she never should've invited them and tells them to go home. It's then up to Steph, DJ and Kimmy and Kimmy's party planning skills and Steph's música skills to set things right and arrange another fashion mostrar before Michelle's career
 beekee404 posted hace más de un año
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