Have tu seen some of the pre-released fotos of FT Island photoshoot for Marie Claire September 2009 issue? I'm not sure if each of tu knows about this. Straight to the main point, based from my reading, the photoshoot ended with a great success. As the boys managed to appear 'manly' and look cool in the outfit.

What most of primadonnas doesn't know (maybe...), the photoshoot was made at 3am! So, the boys were really tired at that time (definitely!).

This wasn't the first kind-of-incidents happened. There were a lot of it (i guess) such as during the Gayo Daejun's festival at the very end of 2008, because of the busy schedule Hong Ki fell sick and was rushed to a hospital to get medical treatment. Beside that, the youngest member Choi Min Hwan fainted on the 23rd March during shooting his drama.

Guys, we've seen that our FT Island is willing to do anything, mostrando how they're really serious in their career. So, we as their primadonnas must support them no matter what happen. Because that is our major obligation...FT ISLAND OWEZ!!!

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