If you've seen in your updates, I started this countdown in December. But, I decided to go back to it and a encuesta dicho I should start it from where it left off. I would like to apologize for vague responses, I don't really get a lot of comentarios on my countdowns...

13. Young Anna's Nightgown

This is probably one of the least memorable outfit, so it comes as no surprise it was the first one to leave. It is adorable, but just not memorable. Also it doesn't have much detail to it. I really don't know why else, people don't comentario on my polls. But I can assume the same for the siguiente two.

12. 9-year-old Anna's dress

Same as her other dress. It is in the movie for a part of a song and tu don't really get to see the whole thing for long. tu get to see it for less time than Anna's nightgown, even if fans had voted it out after Anna's nightgown. I can assume the reasons why these outfits didn't last very long is that they aren't very rememberable.

11. Young Elsa's Nightgown

As I dicho before not as memorable as the rest. Sure, it may be más detailed than her younger sister's nightgown and yes it may be longer seen than Anna's dress, but it still is pretty low on this list. Nevertheless, I still think Anna looked cute in her outfits and Elsa beautiful in hers...

10. Elsa's coronation dress (no cape)

Yep to make it más interesting I added dresses both with and without their capes. I did the same with Anna's winter dress btw. Yes, like 9-year-old Anna's dress it is only their for part of a song, but their are dresses that made it to the parte superior, arriba 3 that is only really used in advertisement, so I was a little surprised but not too surprised. Perhaps without her cape and gloves people don't find her dress as pretty as it was

9. 12-year-old Elsa's dress

And we are now back to the younger one's outfits! To be honest, this is the outfit I, myself prefers over the other younger ones, but I still did not expect it to go very far. As the other ones, and I bet tu are tired of hearing this- but it's just not rememberable. It's not very popular and the others are más recognizable.

8. Elsa's frozen Fever dress

This one is similar to her ice dress, but people of course, prefer the ice dress. A fan dicho that the dress just simply didn't fit Elsa.They dicho while the dress was much classier than the original, the colores didn't look good on Elsa. The color of green, some fans didn't like. Mostly it was the colores that kicked her out and how it just didn't look good on her.

7. Elsa's coronation dress

And dead tortazo in the middle is Elsa's coronation dress. I haven't really seen much of an opinion on her dress, but it is described as a metaphor of her isolation. Besides her head, every inch of her body is covered. I think that people like the colores of dress, but not how it is metaphorically used to describe her isolation.

6. Anna's winter dress

Anna's winter dress comes in sixth after a tiebreaker with her frozen Fever dress. This one, obviously lost, as it is lower than the frozen Fever dress. Anna's dress has somewhat of a similar look as Elsa's coronation dress. On several other occasions have described Anna's winter dress as "great but nothing special". Once again, very few times has someone comentó on my polls, so I really don't know if that is the case.

5. Anna's frozen Fever dress

Making it to the parte superior, arriba five is Anna's frozen Fever dress. I've heard so many positive things about this dress- the color fits her well, her well-liked coronation bun with ribbons is back-another commonly liked dress. Yes, it didn't make number one, it still did really well and it's obviously well liked.

4. Anna's summer dress

In fourth place is the dress Princess Anna wore at the very end. I have also heard a lot of people saying they liked the dress and the colores to it. Outside the poll, people say the dress is a little more...Anna than other dresses.

3. Anna's winter dress (no cape)

Making it into the parte superior, arriba thre, is Anna's winter dress-without the cape, though. Apparently fans prefer the cape removed and think the dress is better without it. I'm not surprised, without the cape más of Anna's gorgeous face is seen, because she no longer has a hood. Either way, I personally think she looks amazing.

2. Elsa's Ice Gown

Surprised? Me too. Personally, I thought it would get first place but, I guess it was a closer call than my favorito! song one, where [i]Let it Go[/b] got fifth place. But as I dicho in that countdown, this is Fanpop. Most likely, anywhere else,it would have most likely gone up a spot on this list. Nevertheless, segundo place is still good, and it was pretty good for something Elsa-related on Fanpop.

Before I reveal the number one, which some may have guessed here's some honorable mentions....aka the ones I forgot to add to the polls.

Anna's funeral dress, Young Anna and Elsa's regular dresses, Older Anna's nightgown, Elsa's 18 año old dress.

1. Anna's coronation dress

And of course the only dress left is Anna's coronation dress! People claim while it doesn't necessarily fit her personality, it looks gorgeous on her. As I dicho before, people likes her hair in a bun and the ribbons that go in it. This seems to be a popular dress on fanpop and it won over the ice dress por just four votos (though, only five fans picked).

Well thank tu so much for those who participated and for those who didn't... thank tu for lectura the results!