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TitanicLeoKate posted on Aug 04, 2011 at 01:04PM
I've seen this in other clubs, and thought I would start one here! I take part in this over in the Buffy spot, so I will use the rules from there!

1) Everyone has 3 days to submit their icons on this forum.
- No stealing icons or you're out of the game.
- Don't use icons you've made in the past

2) A pick will go up for voting.
- There will be 2 days for voting
- Don't vote for yourself!!!
- Please keep your vote to yourself until the pick is posted.

3) The winner chooses the next subject.
- If the winner doesn't pick a topic within 3 days of winning, I'll pick the next subject.
- The winner is still allowed to compete in the next round.

-Favorite Character (OPEN)


Everyone gets a prop for participating
The winner of each round gets an extra prop!

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hace más de un año chameron4ever said…
I have a question...does the picture must be from an episode, a photoshoot from the show or just a picture of the actor/actress???
hace más de un año TitanicLeoKate said…
Picture from an episode
hace más de un año chameron4ever said…
ok here's mine xD
 ok here's mine xD