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posted by ktgirl266
Hope tu like it :)
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Cheech- dado por Rachel
Aunt Phoebe - dado por Ross

Vidal Buffay- dado por Chandler
Wuss- dado por Rachel
Blonde Girl- dado por the Tatto Artist
Pheebs- dado por Everyone
Scratchy Twin- dado por Monica

Ice Woman- dado por Herself
Cool Aunt Phoebe- dado por Rachel

Vunda- dado por Herself
Goodie-Goodie- dado por Rachel
Blondie- dado por a Stranger
Mrs. Nice Bucket- dado por Herself
Baby-Doll- dado por Gary
Pumpkin- dado por Chandler
Regina Filange- dado por Herself

Flaky- dado por Rachel
Phyllis- dado por Monica
Mrs. Crap Bag- dado por Mike
Princess Consuela Bananahammock- dado por Herself
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 From the beginnning...........
From the beginnning...........
Ross and Rachel is a very profound relationship out of all the other relationships on friends. Ever since high school Ross had been in amor with Rachel. Thats where it all began.
Ross had harbored a crush on Rachel since the ninth grade. He never really stopped liking her but he had put his feelings aside for her when they began drifting apart after high school. Sophomore año in college he met Carol Willick. After a good eight years they divorced due Carol being a lesbian. A año later once the divorce was final Rachel caught up with the whole gang and they began to get close again. And shortly...
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