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posted by LostKid
As tu know very well know that tu are picking out specifically one person (me for example) is personal attacking. Then, without consulting the person tu are personally attacking, make your statement anyway. This offends far más people then tu will expect. Like all people, they have friends that might not be well informed on the matter and take it as a personal attack to the friend (me) even though the friend (me) doesn't find it offensive. This causes many, many problems to start with and prooves less useful to make then to have never made it. In turn, the friend makes a personal attack on either a friend of the person who attacks (me) o the person that personally targeted (me). Everyone gets unhappy and it all started with one little pregunta that one person though that even though it obviously was offensive, didn't think it would be.
posted by LostKid
As many (if not all) know, some people reuse the same name. Before tu say, "Stop critisizing me!" o "Stop bugging me about that!", here are a few useful tips on how to not switch names but also change a few names on RP's.

Tip 1- Put names that are either similar to the plot o name of the RP.

Tip 2- Put a name of a friend o yourself

Tip-3 Put a misceláneo name that tu can't possably forget

If tu can't follow these o don't want to, that's fine as well. If tu have any preguntas o any other things tu might want to be added to this.