Flynn and Rapunzel Enredados Is The New Shrek

LisaForde2 posted on Mar 08, 2011 at 04:56PM

The horse especially was like Donkey in Shrek 2 and Rapunzel has the same kinda of personality as Fiona and Flynn Rider is like a cross between Zac Levi(who voices him) meets a bit of Colin Farrell(the dude from Daredevil as the villain or he was in Phone Booth)with the goatee beard and a bit of Phoebus from HBOND and Dimitri from Anastasia with the charms.

Flynn and Rapunzel 2 respuestas

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hace más de un año TangledLover3 said…
I think Donkey and Maximus areboth incredibly funny, but they express it in different ways. Maximus is funny in a physical way, and Donkey is funny by being annoying and singing weird.
hace más de un año LisaForde2 said…
Yeah Maximus doesn’t talk whereas Donkey does and the animation is like a DreamWorks movie I actually mistake this for a Pixar movie sometimes.

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