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FlutterShy falls out of CloudsDale during arco iris Dash 's race and gets caught por a flock of butterflies. She sees animales for the first time.

" What is this place filled with so many wonders ? Casting its spell that I am now under. Squirrels in the trees and the cute little bunnies. Birds flying free and bees with their honey.
Oh what a wonderful place and I owe it all to the pegusas race !!! If I knew the ground had so much up its sleeve id of come here sooner and never leave !!! Yes I amor everything !!! "

Sonic Rainboom Explosion

animales Run Scared
Fluttershy Comforts them
Her cutie mark appears
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I saw the Royal Guards trying their best to defend Canterlot against the changelings.

"We have to get to Princess Celestia", dicho Twilight.

The hot air balloon landed por the castillo and so did RD and I. We all ran inside the castle. We saw Princess Celestia in the gross, green, sticky, goo on the ceiling.

"Princess", exclaimed Twilight.

"I'm fine, just stop her!"

"It's too late", dicho queen Chrysalis as she entered the room. "My changeling minions have already took the form of almost every poni, pony in Canterlot and Ponyville. And soon, all of Equestria!" She laughed an evil laugh.

"Not if...
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PP exclaimed, "Changelings!"

"We have to save Equestria", I exclaimed. "Come on!" I galloped out of Sugar Cube Corner with Pinkie Pie. "We have to get to Canterlot!"

Twilight Sparkle then came out of her house, concerned. "Where is she?" She then saw all the changelings attacking the ponies outside. "Oh no!"

"Twilight, I thought tu went to Canterlot."

"I didn't, Fluttershy. That was queen Chrysalis disguised as me."

"Oh." I then thought of arco iris Dash. "Rainbow Dash!" I flew up into the sky, towards RD's house. I didn't realize she was flying right into me! We head butted. "Ow!"

"Ow! Fluttershy,...
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I finally got out of he Everfree forest and headed fir my cottage to see if queen Chrysalis did anything to my precious animals. She didn't.

If she's not here, where is she?

I went into town to see if she caused any trouble there. She hadn't.


I saw arco iris Dash and ran to tell her who I saw in the Everfree forest. "Rainbow, you'll never believe tu I saw-"

"I have to go, Fluttershy." arco iris Dash flew away.

I followed. "But it's really important-" She flew faster than me. I flew a little faster, too. "Rainbow, listen to-" She then flew away even faster and I knew I could'nt catch up.. I...
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I tried to get of the goo. I couldn't believe I had probably put Ponyville in danger. I knew I had to escape. So, I thought of a plan. "Oh, please, changling minion, let me go."

My element of harmony. Kindness.

The changling that was guarding me shook its head.

"Pretty please." I gave my kindest smile.

The changling set me free.

"Thanks oh so very much." I then flew out of the cave like lightning.

I was going to Ponyville to see if queen Chrysalis did anything to my reputation.
"And she did."
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