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Everyone has an angel.. A guardian that watches over us. We can't know what form they'll take... One day, Old Man.. siguiente Day, Little Girl... But dont let appearances fool you. They could be as fierce as any dragon.....

This line of philosophy was like a nursery ryme to me.
I would tell it over and over again to myself, wondering hard if it was true.
After all these hells I had been put through, I wonderd when mine would come.
To save me...
Take me away from this prison called life..

On the first día of autumn, I sat on the deck of our small little house out in the country side, watching as...
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Name: Flana

Age: 16 (Actually 28)

Weight: Classified

Height: 6'0

Hair Color: chocolate Brown

Eye Color: esmeralda Green

Skin Color: Average

Personality: Flana is a very short-temperd, Hard Core fighter. She is very brave.. Perhaps too brave, For she never thinks before running off into a fight that could end her life. Shes pretty feirce in combat, especially if she knows her client's life is on the line beside her, but when it comes to romantic situations, She melts into a sweet and very shy teenage girl.

Friends: Rocket, Sweat Pea, Sophie, Gibson, Sam

Enemies: Blue, Godzilla, Dragon Mother, Undead...
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Im not sure how long I wonderd in the nothingness around me, but soon enough within the siguiente few days, I reached the end of the wooded relm, and found myself in a small town. The sky was dark grey now, and the clouds moved very slowly, about to drop a cluster of rain. Barley any cars went by, leaving the pavement like a black whole in the center of this topsee turvy world. I stood frozen in my tracks in between two large trees, reviewing every detail of my surroundings. What was my siguiente move?
I figured I'd keep going, walking along the side, trying my best not to look conspicuous. That failed....
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