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This fiolee (fionna y marshal lee) arte de los fans contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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Chapter 4:
Marshall Lee walks at the market at the morning, he saw Marylyn buying fruits;
Marshall Lee: hola Marylyn, how are you?
Marylyn: Marshall Lee? You’re my childhood friend right?
Marshall Lee: Yup, tu don`t forgot me!
Marylyn: Of course and I`m fine!
Fionna: Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: Hey!
Fionna: Who`s this?
Marshall Lee: That`s Marylyn, she my child capucha, campana friend Fionna!
Marylyn: Hello, nice to meet you!
Fionna: Hello Marylyn? Anyway I am going now!
Marshall Lee: Ok! hola Marylyn, Come on in my house, princess vampire!
Marylyn: ok and thanks a lot!
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Chapter 2:
Ice Queen: hola Fionna, I`m hungry!
Fionna: Ok? Wait a minute; I’m going to get the foods.
Marshall Lee: Ok, Let`s Continue! Gumball, truth o Dare?
Gumball: Dare! I always choose Dare.
Marshall Lee: Hug the door.
Gumball: What! But if Fionna`s open the door and she saw me, she think I`M CRAZY! But I do!
Fionna: Here`s your foods, snacks and drinks!, Gumball? Are tu crazy?
Gumball: Huh! NO, No I`m, This is Marshall Lee`s request right Marshall Lee?
Marshall Lee: Nope, that`s not my request!
Fionna: Anyway, Let`s eat first!
Ice Queen: Delicious! I like it Fionna!
Gumball: Hey, I have an idea! Let`s make Friendship o amor Quotes!
Fionna: I agree!
Ice Queen: Me too!
Marshall Lee: Nah!
Fionna: Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: Ok, Ok, Ok!

Author`s note: =] =] =] =] =] =] =]
Hi! Do tu like this chapter?sorre if it's so short Click and post your comment! I will wait for it!
hope tu like it
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Logan remembers the día his mom and dad brought inicial Hayden from the Hospital

It was on a beautiful Summer day,Logan was inside playing with his favorito! toy truck as his Uncle Finn watched on the sofá a few feet away.It was a red pickup truck,the first toy truck he ever had.

He was racing it all over the carpeted floor of their inicial with Finn racing after him with a police car,His shrieks of pure joy filled the entire room.

Hours later Logan sat down on the floor,his gaze completely fixed on 'Spongebob'.Uncle Finn was in the cocina whipping up some emparedado, sándwich de for both of them to eat.

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