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How to beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts??

So I was playing Kingdom Hearts and I was fighting Sephy when he says something about an ángel and this halo appears and I just die. Can someone tell me how to avoid the black halo of doom? Thanks!

 PlasmaPeople posted hace más de un año
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kostis1999 said:
tu are talking about Kingdom Hearts I and not II right?I will give tu both answers.First tu must have plenty of Elixirs o Hi Potions with tu because the "Descend Heartless Angel" mover leaves tu with 1 HP and no magic!!!No magic means no Cure and no Cure means no más HP.You can stop his spell before he casts it por hitting him!In Kingdom Hearts II tu need the Aerial Dodge ability (you get that after leveling Master Form [Master Form levels up when tu get Drive Orbs]) to reach him.In Kingdom Hearts I tu must be lucky enough o Sephiroth be fool enough to teleport behind tu before he cast the spell.If he casts the spell go away from him as far as tu can and give a Hi Potion to yourself.Better have it in the shortcut menu.Hope I helped ;)
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posted hace más de un año 
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