Hi, this is my first articulo ever ! and please call me unknown i amor fantasía i believe in magic and i'm 14 years old , i'v read a lot of fantasía guides that has a lot of fantasía creatures story's from all different kind of fair folks but this one charms me the most ! ;) okay so the selkie is a water spirit, she's so beautiful, now the selkie's can take off there skin! , and once upon a time there was three selkie friends they were all beautiful females , one día the three friends went outside of the sea toke off there skin and started to dance naked ! they almost do that every night o weekend i don't know but it's something they do to have fun! ,while they were dancing a man came por and spied on them! he fell in amor with one of the three selkie's and wanted to marry her so he planned to hide her skin so she can marry him and stay with him seven years then he will give her ,her skin back now when the selkie's finished dancing one of the poor selkie lost her skin! the man then told her that he toke it and won't give it to her only if she marry's him for 7 years then she will have her skin back , the poor selkie agreed and as the years passed she had a child he was a boy, 7 years passed then the mother asked for her skin back but the father refused and told her that she can't leave her sun , the selkie started to dry and she felt so sad and cried her sun felt very sad for her and asked her about her sadness when the mother told him everything the boy estola her skin and gave it back to him mother , the selkie finally had her skin back and decided to take her sun with her! now her sun could breathe underwater so he stayed with his mother under the sea for a couple of days but then wanted to go back she agreed and he went back then he become an musician and an great artist he sometimes visit his mother , and they lived happily ever after the end :>!