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ok so here is chapter 2 i'm still not to good so..XD

the siguiente morning we all woke up and went to school we had a good time then we all went to the park it was nice and we played for a while

we didn't know what to do siguiente so we went to the fontain in the park it was very pretty "hey onee-chan can i have a penny to throw in?" kallen asked me "sure imoto-chan" i dicho taking out a penny and giving it to kallen "thank tu onee-chan"she dicho as she smiled at me

i really loved my sisters we where almost always together and as i said...
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First of all, Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year, and all that! Welcome to Fanpop's segundo Annual Secret Santa User Guide, filled with tips to make the most out of this year's Secret Santa.

Those of tu whose names are on link will receive your Secret Santa Assignment tonight at midnight Pacific Standard Time. At that time, the lista will be closed and no más people will added PUBLICLY. If tu still want to registrarse in on the fun (as I expect some people will) please message me PRIVATELY. If I have enough stragglers, I can probably work something out.

Now, whether o not tu participated...
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