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The late September sun warmed Elena’s face and she opened her eyes. She saw Damon sitting in what looked like a very uncomfortable chair.
Perhaps Damon felt Elena’s eyes on him because he opened his. When he saw Elena was awake he quickly sat up.
“How are tu feeling?” he asked hoarse. “Can’t believe I actually fell asleep”
“Can’t believe tu actually fell asleep in that chair” Elena dicho with raised eyebrows. “Why didn’t tu registrarse me? There’s plenty of room”
“I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep” Damon dicho obvious. Elena wanted to comentario on that when someone knocked...
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Summary: The story of Katerina Petrova, a young girl of fifteen has a baby out of wedlock and is forced to leaveBulgaria. All throughout her life people take advantage of Katherine, her story of how she became a 'psychotic, manipulative bitch!'
trailer for the third chapter of my TVD fan fic The Host :)
el diario de los vampiros
fan fiction
the host
chapter 3 twisted and trapped
may 3 2012
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official trailer for my TVD fan fic The Host :)
el diario de los vampiros
the host
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Found this on YouTube. HILARIOUS!! ;D
mary sue
harry potter
He was resently banned and now he's back...this is me venting on it.
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Sam opened the door to the men’s room and saw Cas sitting on the cold stony floor. Sam rolled his eyes, thinking Cas was being dramatic again, and he walked towards him. But when he’d reached him he noticed Cas’ eyes were closed.
Sam bent through his knees and touched Cas’ shoulder. “Cas? Wake up, dude” he said.
Cas slowly opened his eyes and looked at Sam. “I passed out, I think”
“Yeah” Sam replied. He threw Cas’ arm over his shoulder and helped him stand up. But the moment Sam let go of Cas, Cas grabbed his stomach and gasped for air. He bent through his knees and collapsed....
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Caroline rushed into the hospital to the reception room. “Where’s Elena?”
The woman looked up. “Can I help you?” she asked calm.
“Where’ my friend? Elena Gilbert?” Caroline repeated agitated. “She’s supposed to be here. She overdosed”
The woman looked through her files. “Elena Gilbert” she mumbled in herself. “Oh” she dicho when she found the file she was looking for. She looked up at Caroline. “Maybe it’s best if tu talk to the doctor first”
But Caroline had no interest in talking to any doctor. She leaned adelante, hacia adelante and pierced her stare into the woman’s...
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Cramps in her stomach and something wet and sticky on the sheets made Elena wake up groaning. She got out of bed, her hands on her stomach. She turned around and screamed. Both of the Salvatore brothers came rushing to her room, but as soon as they saw the blood, Damon pushed Stefan aside and locked himself in, the moment Stefan’s face turned. “Oh, come on, dick!” Stefan ciclomotor as his face changed back.
Damon walked to Elena. “Are tu alright?” he asked feeling awkward. Elena heavily shook her head. “No, I’m sick. My stomach hurts and I’m bleeding” she looked up. “I’m dying,...
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Shagrat ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He could hear the sounds of the Men gaining on him, and he wished for all it was worth that he was just a bit bigger, o faster, like his brother. His brother! Of course! Isthey would save him. Isthey always saved him. o his mother did. Surely this was no different.

"Isthey! Help me!" Shagrat cried as he went up over the small hill…

…And found himself running straight at another group of Men, just as large and fierce as the ones chasing him. He let out a shrill cry of alarm.

"Mama!" Shagrat cried as the two groups closed in on him, preventing...
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Dean an Jo had successfully brought Sam to the cave.
“You know, the goal was to get me out of here, not to get yourself in” Dean dicho and Sam shot him an annoyed glance. “Sorry. So, where’s Cas?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him. I thought he was here, with you” Sam said.
“Figures” Dean dicho bitter. “Son of a perra doesn’t have the guts to mostrar his face anymore”
“I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation” Sam dicho uncertain. He didn’t want to believe Cas had betrayed them again. After all, Cas had healed Sam from his mental illness.
“Yeah, right now I...
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The demon who had been torturing Meg had left her and Cas alone for a moment, giving them, completely unintentional, the chance to say a few words to one another.
“Hmm” Meg sighed. “So…is this awkward o what?”
Cas didn’t respond.
“Okay, listen up, I usually don’t do this, so don’t get used to it” Meg said. She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry”
Cas widened his eyes and rotated his head to Meg, but Meg was looking eyes front.
“You know, for lying to tu and not telling tu who tu are” she continued, feeling Cas’ eyes on her and so she rotated her head a well. “Believe...
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