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What if Arthur hadn't banished Guinevere from Camelot when he had found her in the arms of his most trusted friend? What if he was persuaded por his advisers to have her executed the following day?
-One shot story, for más buscar Livi4eva Fanfiction and click on 'Goodbye my love'. Please read, fan and comentario if tu like :)


Her eyes filled with tears as she watched the two men she loved fight to the death. The sound of metal clashing together rose in pitch and echoed in the great hall. Soon the two men stepped back and circled each other while exchanging glares. The sweat on their foreheads was hidden por the darkness of the room. But all could see Arthur's crystal blue eyes which had turned liquid ever since he had entered the hall.

A few moments hace Arthur had wandered in there in the darkness of the night with only a candle light to guide him. Only to find the woman he loved in the arms of his most trusted friend. His lips coaxing on her mouth and his eyes sealed shut. Her arms had been snaked around his neck and her body pressed against his. The two of them had turned to the doorway when they had heard something drop. They found the young King Arthur standing there with his mouth slightly open in shock. The candle had been abandoned on the floor with the wax spilled around it.

Guinevere had pulled away from Lancelot. Her eyes met her fiancé's and she felt guilty. Arthur felt contaminated por what he had just been witness to. She felt filthy and ashamed of herself. And Lancelot, he returned his friend's gaze in an almost mocking way. That look had driven Arthur to unsheathe his sword and charge at him with a roar.

Now the two men, who had once been so close, were now enemies and were trying to kill the other. At the thought of Lancelot and Guinevere being together, Arthur let out a cry before crashing his blade down onto Lancelot's right arm. His opponent was startled and he stumbled back a bit, his hand covering his arm. When he let go of it, blood gushed freely from the wound. He twitched when he felt the stinging pain. Then raised his sword to attack Arthur and Arthur responded por doing the same.

'Stop!' Screamed Guinevere as she ran between them. Guilt filled her heart; she had made two friends hate each other. 'Please, stop!'

Her begs caused the two men to drop their swords hastily but neither of them went to comfort her when she began to cry. Arthur looked at the woman he loved with eyes which melted her heart. How could she have done this to him? She loved him just as much as he loved her; and in a couple of days she was to be his wife- the queen of Camelot. Then Lancelot had returned and he had turned her world upside down. Her attraction to him couldn't be controlled and now they ended up in the position they were now in. Guinevere looked at her fiancé, hoping to find forgiveness in his eyes. But he broke the stare por looking away.

The blade of the axe perched on the scaffold glistened in the little sunlight there was. The crows screeched above among the dark clouds in the pale sky. A large crowd of whispering Camelot citizens surrounded the scaffold. Arthur watched all this from his balcony, his eyes as liquid as they were last night. He was attending the execution of the one he loved, Guinevere. Lancelot had already been executed privately earlier this morning. And Guinevere had weeped all día in her cell until this moment.

It was the law that if the lover of the King/Queen had been found 'behaving inappropriately' with the opposite gender should be executed the following day. Arthur did not want this happen to Guinevere but she had been charged with adultery. He considered banishing her from the kingdom but then his people would see him as a weak king. His advisers had persuaded him to do this, to do what was right.

Guards brought Guinevere out into the open, her wrists were chained and her head was bowed. The crowd immediately booed at the sight of her. She was heading for the scaffold where the executioner waited for her with his axe. A shiver ran down her spine as she looked up at him. He was a large man and had a mysterious scary feeling about him. His face was covered por a black mask and he wore clothes like a blacksmith. Despite the booing of the crowd, Guinevere walked up the steps of the scaffold gracefully like a queen. As she did she looked up and her eyes met Arthur's. He looked away quickly and she felt rejected. He didn't want to look at her in the eye o he would break down and cry.

Her eyes adverted to the large stump on the scaffold with a perfect curve at the parte superior, arriba for her neck to fit in. At the sight of it her eyes filled with tears. She felt like she had been betrayed por the one she loved. But she had also stabbed him in the back so hard that it forced him to do this. Her head turned to look at the executioner who was expecting her to do something.

'Kneel!' He demanded and she immediately knelt down to the stump when she heard his frightening voice. Arthur was now looking down at the execution once again. He wanted to call out and stop it but he knew he couldn't.

'God have mercy on your soul,' muttered the executioner as Guinevere rested her head on the stump. Tears rolled down her face and she gazed at the crowd in front of her.

'Whore!' They were yelling at her and she looked down. These were people who once loved her greatly.

'Any last words?' asked the executioner and Guinevere blinked twice before opening her mouth.

'I know I have done wrong,' she called out to the people and their chants slowly died. 'But I hope tu find it in your hearts to forgive me one day. I cannot describe how ashamed I am of myself. I have never felt so distraught in my life. Be good to your king, Arthur. I know he wants the best for you; and so do I.'

The crowd were silent for a moment and some people began to whisper. Was it a good idea to execute Guinevere? She had done so much for them recently. And she would make a wonderful queen. Now that Lancelot was dead she couldn't be drawn to him.

The executioner raised his axe and the crowd gasp. The tiny hairs on the back of Guinevere's neck stuck up and she accepted her fate. Her eyes closed and the last few tears streamed down her face.

Arthur looked down at her and the axe hanging not far above her. He couldn't do this, he had to stop it. He called out to her.

'Guinevere!' He cried and the crowd of people looked up at him. Guinevere opened her eyes and smiled slightly, he did amor her. But it was too late, the axe was already crashing down on her and with one hack, her head was off. Arthur looked away with liquid eyes before burying his face in his hands. Guinevere, he thought to himself, forgive me.

-I can add the other chapters if tu want :)
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The Gilbert House
Stefan kicked the door open and walked in.
“You can’t do this” Katherine dicho behind him.
“Since when do tu have a conscious?” Stefan scoffed. “Look, I’m just going to grab Elena and then I’m out”
“Why? Why can’t tu let her be for a second?” Katherine dicho frustrated.
“Because she needs me now” Stefan said. “She’s going through an emotional time right now”
“She’s PMS’d” Katherine disdained. “She needs a pillow, a pot of ice cream and a good chick flick”
Stefan turned around. “I can’t lose her, Katherine” he dicho with a sad face....
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Caroline had convinced Elena to leave the house to enjoy the summer weather. “Just because that perra is visiting tu doesn’t mean tu should stay inside” And so they walked around the streets. misceláneo streets. It was a total coincidence they ended up at Alaric’s loft, seeing Alaric and Damon working, shirtless, it was hot. The weather. Elena crossed the street, while Caroline walked further.
“Hey, Caroline!”
Caroline looked around when she saw Alaric waving. She flashed to them. “You couldn’t tell me?“ she asked Elena. Elena pulled her shoulders. “Sorry” “Mind if I get...
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Alaric and Damon were standing in Alaric’s garage. “You call that not wrecked?” Damon said, looking at the car.
“It’s not that bad” Alaric said, not very convincing. “We can still fix it”
“Alright then” Damon gave in and he rolled up his sleeves. He walked at the front side of the car and gave a look at it. While he did some things Alaric came standing siguiente to him. He leaned against the car. “You’ve been hanging out with Elena quite a lot lately” he started. Damon avoided Alaric’s look and pretended to concentrate on fixing the car. “Not that I mind” Alaric continued....
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Kelsey threw down the shovel when her phone rang. Without looking at the screen she pressed cancel.
“How long are tu going to keep avoiding me?”
Kelsey turned around and looked at Derek, who put away his phone. “Until tu get it in your thick skull that I don’t want to talk to you”
“We have to talk” Derek said.
“I just buried my sister” Kelsey dicho emotional. “I had to leave her last night, because I was turning and now I can’t even dado her a proper funeral. I just put her in the ground, like a dog”
“I’m sorry” Derek said. “I feel terrible about it. Amber was...
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That's one of the biggest issue fan fiction communities faces: Incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation. tu can have the best and most creative plot around, but if your story has too much spelling and grammar mistakes, most readers will hit the back button. These things matter a lot, and the problem is, many writers don't realize that. A story needs to look appealing in order for a reader to like it. Readers should be able to get sucked into the story, but when there is wrong spellings and punctuation everywhere, they can't get pulled into the story, because every mistake is reminding them...
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I do not own!

Name: Kikyo (Japanese name for Kiki)

Gender: Female

Age: Eight

Likes: Her family, her sisters, herself

Dislikes: She has nothing to dislike

Dreams: That the samurai(s) would someday listen to her and follow her directions and wishes that her family would have good luck.

Personality: She seems to hate the samurai(s) but actually, she doesn't because at some points, she thinks they have good qualities, but don't listen to her. And therefore, she has a very bossy, spoiled, selfish and mischevious personality which makes her like her family more. She doesn't like Mugen, because he's always...
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posted by Twilightsauce
Hi, this is the 17th chapter of My True Love. Some of tu may have not read it, if tu havent then please read on, but tu might want to go and check out the others first (they are all on my page) the next-and last!- chapter will be publicado in a few days so, keep and eye out and I hope tu enjoy!
Love Twilightsauce

We had all come here for a picnic today, in the meadow, because it was a sunny day. We were all here the whole pack and all of the Cullen’s. The meadow was deserted and it looked peaceful and serene with arco iris spots dancing around.
Nessie was heavily pregnant and our baby was due...
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I've never seen supernatural myself, but this clip alone makes me want to see it. xDD It's cool to see the writers poke some good-natured fun at the fandom.
fan fiction
It's Mary Sue in all her glittery-pink glory, come to infest the world with her obnoxious perfection! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! XD
mary sue
fan fiction
rosado, rosa
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"Hey,sis.Where's my journal?" "What?"I replied.Crap,I gotta finish lectura this before she sees me."Uh,hold on.Let me look." I grabbed misceláneo stuff in my room and tossed the items so that my sister thought I was looking."Um,sorry Justine,but it's not-" I stopped speaking mid-sentence.I was lectura a paragraph my sister wrote two months ago,with my boyfriend's name in it.What the heck is Chris's name doing in here?He couldn't be-No it can't be.

Justine banged at my door."You have it,don't you?!She yelled."Open the door now,Rachel!" "Not until tu tell me why my boyfriends's name is in here!"...
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posted by cynder1
chapter 4
spyro and cynder were flying with sparx to where the 'incedent' took place ,suddendly sparx dicho 'there there!, thats where she commited suicide!' they all landed at the high cliff and saw how steep it was 'yep embers definately dead.' dicho spyro they then flew to the bottom of the cliff where they got a shock. embers body wasnt there 's-spyro? wheres embers body?' 'i dont know' 'its like she turned into dust' 'hey spyro we've got company!' a mass of grublins were heading right towards them and to be leading them happened to be ember in adult form 'e-ember?' spyro dicho 'the ember u...
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Meg had stayed behind in the hospital after Jo had advised her to get a checkup. She wasn’t injured like Cas, but she had still been in ice cold water and she had been in contact with electricity. So, a checkup wouldn’t hurt.
The doctor draw some blood.
“How long have tu been feeling sick?” he asked.
“Since now, really” Meg answered in full honesty. “One moment I’m feeling fine, the siguiente I’m running off to the bathroom, puking my guts out”
“Do tu get stressed easy?” the doctor asked.
“No” Meg responded. “I don’t know. I’m not really familiar with emotions”...
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