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this is a form in witch you can make your very own fairy tail charcter here is the template

Name :

age :

Height :

Weight :

Apperance :

Persnaility :

Magic : ( max of 3 )

Guild : ( any Guild you've seen in the Manga or anime dark or Registered or a part of the council,Independant mage )

Team (if on one )

where is your Guild mark (don't have to put this )

historey (not mandatory )

have fun and Enjoy :)
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hace más de un año ItzCharlotte said…
Name: Ayame Chiyo ( Chiyo Ayame )

Age: 16

Height: i dunno

Weight: Secret

Appearence: Black hair, piggy tails , her left eye is: red and her lright eye is: blue

Personality: Tough , Mysterious and strong

Guild: Fairy tail ( duh its like the best guild )

Magic: ( Is a dragon slayer... she was raised by a water dragon ) Can call spirits ( she has all golden keys )

Guild mark: on her right hand.

Team: Mikito ( Male, 16 years old ) Hiro ( male, 16 years old ) Mizuki ( female , 16 years old )

Weapons: A sword made out of the gem we call sapphire and a crystal bow.

History: She was raised by a dragon, but one day that dragon dissapeared so she went look everywhere for it and while she was looking everywhere she find a guild it was fairy tail. and the rest i dunno tbh...
hace más de un año Sourcube03 said…
Name: Nashi Corpex

age: 17

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 157 lbs.

Appearance: Messy, short, black and brown hair, and is super flat chested. So she is continues being
called a guy. Has (black) magic sound defining headphones that don't seem to bother her. Almost never wears girly cloths so she mainly wears pants and a tee-shirt

Personality:(tomboy), Carefree, fun loving, but if somebody were to hurt her friends she has a method for
dealing with them... (a death-glare)

Magic: fourth elemental dragon slayer.(it just means she can combine the elements of water, fire, earth
and air)( technically the headphones count too)

Guild: Fairy Tail

Team: Whenever she is asked to go on a mission with someone so it changes a lot.

where is your Guild mark: Middle of the left forearm.

history: She was abandoned by her parents and was sent of to an abandoned village. thats where Ryluth the dragon found her and and raised her all by himself and taught her fourth elemental dragon magic gave her pet (a snake named pluto that can talk and is very sweet guy) and her precious headphones. But one day Ryluth left and so then on she began to search fiore with pluto that she could find home and she went to magnolia first and found fairy tail and quickly joined.
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hace más de un año ritza2011 said…
Name: Anna-Belle Christomer
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 3
Personality: cheerful, helpful, full of energy
Likes: Her friends, food and shops
Dislikes: spiders and out of date food
Magic: Requip magic (into armour and weapon) and memory magic
Guild: fairy tail (ex lamier scale)
Team members: Natsu, Lucy, Erza (best friend in fairy tail), Gray and Wendy.
Where is the guild mark: right arm just below the shoulder (white/pearly).
History: the key around her neck is the key of which she found when her family disappeared leaving her behind. Her ultimate quest is to find her younger siblings and find out what happened to them 12 years ago. She moved from place to place until she found lamier scale but she didn’t feel as though it was her place so she moved on and found fairy tail and for her it felt like home.

 Name: Anna-Belle Christomer Age: 16 Height: 5ft 3 Personality: cheerful, helpful, full of energy
hace más de un año luxray2002 said…
Name:Isaiah Drapes
Age:13(actually is 250+)
Appearance:Dark Skinned, Spiky Black and Green Hair, Always wears a backwards cap, Brown Eyes, Wears a Green Hoodie over Wolf T-Shirt, Stud Earrings, Has a chain on his pants
Magic:Electric Dragon Slayer, White Electricity Dragon Slayer, Requip
Guild:Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location:Shoulder Blade(Green)
Team:Team Natsu
History:After his mother's death 5 years after he was born, Isaiah wandered all over Fiore looking for a home until Gigadyne, King of the Electric Dragons, took him in and raised him like a father for 8 whole years. After Gigadyne disappearance Isaiah then found himself in Magnolia and soon joined the Fairy Tail Guild. After joining, Natsu asked him to join his team with Lucy, Gray, Wendy, and Erza and Isaiah accepted it. During the Grand Magic Games Isaiah was against a match between Sting of the Sabertooth Guild. Sting was beating Isaiah real badly so Isaiah decided to inhale Sting's White Magic which unleashed his White Electricity Dragon Mode. After the Grand Magic Games, Isaiah asked Erza if she could teach him Requip magic. It took 3 months for him too finally learn it. Shortly after that Isaiah found an exceed egg and a few days later it hatched and Isaiah decided to name it Lucky. Shortly after that Isaiah decided that him and Wendy Marvell would become Partners so that they can combine their powers for stonger attacks. During the Tartarous Act when Acnologia returned Gigadyne came out of his body along with Igneel and decided to join forces to take down the beast. 3 years after that Isaiah becae a S-Class Wizard and be then became partners with Mirajane and Wendy and decided to make their own group.
Birthday: February 24,???
Friends:Natsu,Gray,Lucy,Wendy, Erza, Mirajane, Romeo, Levy, Gajeel, Cana, Juvia, Happy, Carla, Lily
hace más de un año luxray2002 said…
Isaiah Drapes
 Isaiah Drapes
wolfmaster3000 commented…
what did tu use to make that ? hace más de un año
hace más de un año brooken_soul69 said…
Name : Getsumi Hirameku

age : 15

Height : 4' 10"

Weight : 96 pounds

Appearance : Short black hair in the front, with long red strands of hair in the front. No bangs. Has a small chest, and red eye. One is plastic so the fairy tail mark is on there, so she always wears an eye patch. Always wearing a red scarf, and school girl like outfits.

Personality : Always act like she doesn't care or needs help, but always care about others well being. (Tsundere) Wants to give it her all, and hates bothering others. Always keeps secrets, and lies when needed to avoid certain questions. Scared of losing her friends and is scared of shadows and shady people.

Magic : Celestial magic, illusion magic, and Dragon Slayer magic (Water Dragon)
Guild : Fairy Tail
Team: Midnight Gaurdians

where is your Guild mark: Right eye-call
History: Getsumi Hirameku's parents died when she was very young to a unknown outrank that killed almost everyone in her village, except for her. She gets lost and stumbles upon Fairy Tail, the guild where she learns magic and gains new allies. She meets her closets companions, teammates, and friends. They form the team Midnight Guardians. They almost never need to sleep, and have a lot in common. They often are away one jobs and request and even their own little adventure. Along the way they find out what caused the outbreak that killed everyone in the village, Zeref. Their journey to locate Zeref is almost the entire story of Getsumi.

hace más de un año deathdragon said…
Name : Jarharmarcus Grenovich

age :18

Height : 8 foot 9

Weight : 110

Apperance : wears a black suit with a skull on his shoulder mole under left eye

Persnaility :angry all the time bad to mess with

Magic :death dragon slayer, celestial keys.
Guild : Fairy Tail

Team: team Natsu

where is your Guild mark right shoulder

historey his father a dragon was banished from Earth land and was sent to celestial spirit world his first key was that of his father.
hace más de un año Avater13 said…
My Fairy Tail Next Generation (I hold you don't mind):

Name: Ryan Hiyamoto

Age: 18

Height : 5'6

Weight: 129 pounds

Apperance: Ryan has spiky black hair, ebony eyes, and black clothing.

Personality: Ryan is a serious person, yet he takes pride in himself. He tries to show no weakness. Ryan is stubborn.

Magic: Shadow Magic

Guild: Fairy Tail (Currently)

Team: The Arcane Elite

Where is his Guild Mark: Left Arm

History: Ryan Hiyamoto was part of the Dark Guild: Black Phoenix. He was born to the Dark Master- Jaku Hiyamoto and Mizu Mirukioch. At a young age, he was forced to see tortured children and train on dark magic. Only the best friends he had made were the joy to him. One day, the Arcane Elite had fought the mages of Fairy Tail to find them joining Fairy Tail. His story will keep going...
hace más de un año Hunter0332 said…
Name : Adrian Hanta

age : 17

Height : 5'6

Weight : 120

Appearance : Dark blueish/blackish hair mid way to back (wavy) with dark brown eyes, tannish skin, (thin like cana-looks a bit like her)

Personality : Intelligent, fast, reckless, strong, funny/soft inside at times, adventurous, athletic, and ruthless when need to

Magic : Darkness magic, dragon slayer magic (lighting fire or black fire) and illusion magic

Guild : Fairy Tail

Team: Team natsu <3

where is your Guild mark: Right collar bone

History: Is actually the long lost sister of Mystogan the mysterious daughter of Faust, she was frozen for 400 years after birth, she thawed over time and was found a mysterious mage (unknown) who taught her all she knows and was basically a father to her. When she turned 11 her teacher's time on earth was coming to an end and he disappeared saying his final words to her. (found out about her brother some time later). She had traveled often with her teacher and soon came a pon a guild (Fairy Tail) the only guild she was really attracted to for it's friendly welcomingness. She joined shortly after and became close friends with natsu, gray, loki and erza.
hace más de un año ally_mcgarden said…
Name : Ally McGarden

age : 13

Height : small

Weight : ___

Apperance : light blue pig tails blue and pink eyes

Persnaility : bubbly , childish

Magic : Requip (weapons and armour) Music dragon slayer and Celestial wizard

Guild : Fairy tail

Team: Ava phoenix (16) Raft terrier (14) charlie (natsus sister 15)

where is your Guild mark: pink on my hand ( not coping lucy)

history:Lost older sister (levy) and parents at the age of 3. was raised by a Music dragon (noteilia). The dragon was the only Family she knew lost her dragon about 5 years after Natsu Light Rough Wendy and Gajeel lost there Dragons. Ally joined Fairy tail at the age of 11. She became BFF's with Charlie (Natsu's little sister who joined a dark guild instead of FT and Charlie joined FT at the age of 10. she also has a cat called tigress) when Ally's Dragon left Ally had a dark time she was robbed and even beat. but when she joined FT her life was perfect
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 Name : Ally McGarden age : 13 Height : small Weight : ___ Apperance : light blue pig tai
hace más de un año ally_mcgarden said…
Name : Ava phoenix

age : 16

Height :slightly tall

Weight :___

Apperance : light orange eyes , red hair , orange shortsleeve tee , red jacket , wings when summoned

Persnaility : short tempoured powerful girl and can keep up with cana's drinking

Magic : flaming sky phoenix slayer

Guild : fairy tail

Team:Ally (13 my profile pic) charlie (15 natsus sister) Raft (14 only child)

where is your Guild mark: on her arm fire colours well balanced

history: Ava was raised by a phoenix from a baby. Ava's Parents gave Ava to the phoenix Nara for the town Ava was born was being attacked. Her parents where killed by the same people that took Erza to the tower of heaven !! Nara raised Ava and taught her magic and everything a parent and teacher would including how to talk spell and read manners listening skills etc. Nara, brought Ava to FT at the age of 15. and since then she has became a S class wizard.
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 Name : Ava phoenix age : 16 Height :slightly tall Weight :___ Apperance : light naranja e
hace más de un año SerenityMacbeth said…
(Can someone try to do a pic of her please or at least give me a link to make her? Much appreciated!)

Name : Serenity Macbeth

age : 21

Height : 5'7

Weight : N/A

Appearance : Changes depending on her mood. When not fighting, hair is black with purple streaks. Wears a white tank top (that shows cleavage and her stomach) and a sand colored vest that is fuzzy/furry. Pants are black skinny jeans with rips that have neon colors instead of showing skin, and she wears knee high boots that are high heels.

Personality : Hyperactive, skilled

Magic : Sand Dragon Slayer

Guild : Fairy Tail

Team: Laxus (Laxus, herself, and Freed Justine)

where is your Guild mark: Sabertooth: On chest (left side); Oracion Seis: Back of left hand; Fairy Tail (current one): Abdomen (right side)

history: Former guild master of Sabertooth. Left due to her family, Brain (father) and Midnight (twin brother) creating Oracion Seis and gave Sabertooth to her apprentice, Sting Eucliffe. She is currently engaged to Laxus Dreyar.
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hace más de un año horofox said…
Name- Shadow Bellatrix

Age- 20

Height- 5'4

Weight- N/A

Appearance- Black hair, black jacket with white fur on edges, with white shorts and black leggings, white boots, fox ears and a tail, she has yellow eyes but they turn red when mad, white fingerless gloves and a locket with a picture of her Yukino, Lector, Frosche, Sting, and Rouge

Personality) Bad Tempered, is especially nice to Wendy, always picks fights with boys also looks up to Erza and her cousin, Angel only tells Mimi her exceed her real feelings or thoughts

Magic- Shadow Dragon Slayer, Demon Slayer, Mind Reading

Guild- Sabertooth, but visits Fairy tail very often

Team- Rouge, Sting, yukino, and herself ( likes to include Lector, Frosche, and Mimi as part of team)

Guild Mark- Sabertooth, white on left shoulder

History- Was raised by Acnologia and always wants to be better than everyone, ever since she was young she's tried to impress Acnologia but when he disappeared sne was set on impressing Angel, she fights with Sting most of the time over the littlest things and she likes to hang out with Yukino when not battling Rouge and her also like to share their past stories and she likes to make Lector, Frosce, and Mimi food and treats
hace más de un año horofox said…
What she looks like
 What she looks like
hace más de un año daniishot said…
Name:phillip abyss
height:5 foot 9
Appearance: hoodie(black and purple), shorts(red), nike trainers(black, purple and red
Personality:short tempered, evil, girly and prankster
magic: abyss lightning dragon slayer magic
Guild: individual
hace más de un año GrimmBrothers said…
Name: Fenris Grimm

Age: 16

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 113

Appearance: Sly/narrow silver blue eyes, pale skin, button nose with a bit of natural blush, light copper-blonde hair that reaches my rear, a slanted narrow smile revealing a sharp canine, Usually wearing all gray, a large gray scarf covering mouth, military style pants, straw hat, rarely wears shoes, small frame, always wearing a river pearl necklace, always carries and fights with a staff.

Personality: rarely ever talks, psychotic smile, eyes have an uncaring look about them, known to be an excellent fighter and gets the job done. wise, extremely calm and knows how to break a person. very protective about family (sister) and friends, can be an ass if you piss me off. Can be very talkative with people I'm close to.

Magic: Animal Soul, Shadow Dragon Slayer, and Telepathy

Guild: Fairy Tail

Guild Mark: Upper arm (gold)

Team: None, works better alone.

History: My family and I lived on a mountain, unknown for many years. Our small house was surround by a dense Forest that my sister and I loved to explore and pick wild berries. We both knew little about our Father's history, and we never even knew our mother. All our dad gave us of her was a picture. My dad and I had been eating breakfast one morning when there was a swift 3 knocks on the front door, that had never happened before. My father took out his skinning knife and approached the door on his tip-toes. When he called out who was there, no answer. But then we heard a soft cry, a baby? Someone had left a newborn child on our doorstep. We don't know how they found us on this mountain, or why they had chosen us for this child. there wasn't even a note. Just a hand woven basket and a dirty blanket. We had many animal friends growing up as children, since we never came in contact with other humans. By day we would feed berries to the deer with our hands, by night we would run under the moon with the local wolves. I knew it was my duty to protect my sister. I would kill, I would die, I would sacrifice anything for her, to continue among the living. One night, as we were drinking from the running river, we heard a bloody scream coming from the direction of our home. Both of our heads had darted up, water dripping from our chins. My sister rapidly stood up, about to run to the house, but I grabbed her hand and ordered her to hide, fear in both of our eyes. She had reluctantly nodded and ran in the opposite direction.
I still remember the utter silence when I reached our home. The cattle had been slaughtered, our crops, destroyed, gone. everything was gone. The wooden door was open wide, revealing broken dishes and furniture. The only light was coming from the moon, entering through the shattered window, and shining on the only picture of our mom, torn and laying crumpled on the trashed floor. I stared at it, swallowing my emotions and narrowing my eyes at the sudden "thump" that came from upstairs. I charged into my father's room to see him lying on the floor, his lifeless eyes looking off into no where. The hooded figure was straddling his body and yanked out a wicked dagger from my father's chest as I stood in the door way. I felt hot tears soaking my dirty face. all of my hidden fears and emotions broke through the thin wall I had built up since I held my newborn sister in my arms for the first time. I saw the glint of the figures sharp teeth as it smiled. I roared like a beast, anger controlling my actions, and sprinted towards the figure. I reached out, feeling claws replacing my stubby nails, for my plan was to rip off his evil smile. but I spilled no blood that night. He had vanished into thin air. My old clothing was covered in blood from landing onto my fathers body. I laid there in shock as light and familiar footsteps approached from behind my stiff back. "no." I thought, " she can't see this, she's too innocent. I turned around. my sister, clutching the torn photo of our smiling mother, ran into my arms sobbing her delicate heart out. It was too late.
We ran away the next day, taking few items with us. What I regret is leaving our father's lifeless body on that cold floor. We had been too afraid.... weak, to give him a proper burial. I will never be weak. I will find this monster and feed his heart to the wolves. If he even has one.
What I never understood was why. What had my father done to that creature to deserve such a death? Was my mother related to this? ...Could she be alive?

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hace más de un año Dragola said…
Name : Flame Dragonheart

age : same as Natsu
Personaility : Very loyal and kind can often get quite angry.

Magic : ( max of 3 ) Fire Dragon Slayer; Fire Maker

Guild : ( any Guild you've seen in the Manga or anime dark or Registered or a part of the council,Independant mage ) Fairytail

Team (if on one ) Team Natsu

where is your Guild mark (don't have to put this ) Back of neck behind hair.

historey (not mandatory )
When Natsu Dragneel was born, he had a twin sister; his mother was told she didn't make it. However, a powerful wizard had been there during the birth and he had told the father that she would one day become a powerful wizard. Wanting to give her the best start along this path, she was given to a dragon almost immediately.
Natsu's parents agreed not to tell him about his sister, however Magmeart a dragon- and her mentor did tell his sister about him. Flame Dragonheart trained with Magmeart until he disappeared on the seventh of July, when she was seven.
Being eager to learn, Flame travelled the whole of Fire training with various wizards. During her travels, she learnt fire make magic and became quite talented.
After traveling for years, Flame decided she should track down her brother. Having no clue as to his whereabouts, she searched almost every guild in Fire until she found Fairytail.
She joined not long after Lucy and eventually told Natsu who, being shocked reacted with quite a bit of fire. However he soon realised how lucky he was, and now they are an almost unbreakable pair.

 Name : Flame Dragonheart age : same as Natsu Personaility : Very loyal and kind can often get qui
hace más de un año CreamPuff19 said…
Name : Emma Scarlet

age : 19

Height : 5'10

Weight : 112

Appearance : (picture)

Personality : full of passion, nice, honest, faithful, strong, a leader, powerful, and a demon when mad

Magic : Requip magic and telekinesis

Guild : Fairy Tail

Team :Team Natsu

Where is your Guild mark: navy blue in middle of right upper arm

History:She's Erza Scarlets twin sister but never went to the tower of heaven with her. Instead she joined fairy tail and meant Gray Fullbuster. They were best friends when they were little, but Gray doesn't remember that.To this day Gray likes her and she doesn't know it. Her Guild mark color is navy blue because it is the same color as Gray's hair.

 Name : Emma Scarlet age : 19 Height : 5'10 Weight : 112 Appearance : (picture) Persona
hace más de un año GalaxyRose said…
Name : Kaeyori Mizukana

age : 16

Height : 5'5

Weight : ?

Appearance : Pastel pink hair thank fades into a darker shade, brown eyes, wears a pastel purple dress with a ribbon and a star necklace

Personality : Mysterious and amazing swords girl, warms up to you when you get to know her, very playful and is always looking out for her friends, gets easily lonely, and has a temper which causes her to punch any guy that makes her angry

Magic : Star Dragon Slayer, Requip, and Celestial Magic

Guild : Fairy Tail

Team : Team Delianus = Iasiah Walker ( Water and Fire Mage, he's17), Eve Nightdawn ( Snow and Requip Mage, he's 16, also Kaeyoris love interest

Her guild mark is on her shoulder and its pale pink

History : being shadowed down by her cousin Hisui Fiore she runs away and finds herself lost in a forest. A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes named Eve heard her cries and ran into the forest to save her. After saving her he shows her his life that he lives in the country side. After introducing her to his friend Isaiah they start out on an adventure to join Fiores most powerful guild Fairy Tail where they form team Delianus named after Delian Legue from The Persian

 Name : Kaeyori Mizukana age : 16 Height : 5'5 Weight : ? Appearance : Pastel rosado, rosa hair
Bumbl_ee commented…
Lovely drawing! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Vaxon said…
name : Armatyl Garrosh

alias : The Demonic army

age : 16

weight : ?

height : 5'3

appearance : black hair, maroon eyes, lightly tanned skin, wears a maroon T-shirt with a black flame symbol, a black leather jacket with maroon fluff around the collar and black jeans

personality : short tempered, hot headed and flirty, the muscles of the team

magic : clone magic - purgatory dragon slayer - sacrificial summoning

guild : fairy tale

guild mark location : left side of the neck

team : The Vanguards of Chaos
hace más de un año DREAMER567 said…
Name: Melody Dragneel (NICKNAME: MELODIC DEATH)

Age: 15 years old

Height: 6'0

Weight : 120 lbs

Appearance: She has a curly fuchsia pink hair that extends to her knees. It's tied up with a powerful heart-shaped hair ornament (used for sealing her true powers). Has a slim and sexy figure. Wears a short gold skirt with a hint of pink and aquamarine colored designs paired with a spaghetti top with the same color and design as the skirt, black boots and a nice heart necklace. Her eyes are pink and lovely.

Personality: She's beautiful, nice, brave, feminine, strong, teases a little bit and you won't dare to mess with her :D

Magic: Dragon Slayer Magic (ELEMENT: FIRE), Sound Magic, and Fairy Magic

Guild: Fairy Tail

Team (If on one ): Team Natsu




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hace más de un año VeronicaDerp said…
Name: Kitsune

Age: Not known. Seems to be in her 20s

Height: 5'10

Weight: 201 Lbs

Appearance: Wears a black and blue fox mask. Aka a Kitsune mask. Has white hair in a ponytail. She wears a red and white karate uniform with a black bow around her waist.

Personality: Wise, Doesn't want to loose anyone, quiet.

Magic: Re-equip magic. The knight. Can change her armor like Erza.

Guild: Fairytail

Where is your guild mark: On her right shoulder

History: When Kitsune was young. Kitsune was only a nickname for her love of foxes. Her real name is Adrea Valentine. When she was 12. A gang of bandits stole her money. Not only that, but they burned her face. So she had to go to the doctors nearby Fairytail. She had to stay their for a few years. But she escaped early. She decided to grab a Kitsune mask. Giving the name, Kitsune. found the bandits that attacked her and, the bandits. Not knowing who she was. Asked her to join them. She declined. And was found building The Tower Of Heaven. And thanks to Erza, she escaped. But she luckily got back to land, away from the Tower. Kitsune has enough of being robbed in junk. So she learned Requip making. While doing so, she learned she can change her armor as well. Then she decided to join a Guild. It was a tough choice between Phantom and Fairytail. She joined Phantom. But after Jose was killed. She left and joined Fairytail. Luckily, back in Phantom she was wearing a black and RED mask. And This time at fairytail. She wore a black and blue mask. Shes been in Fairytail for over a year now. And shes happy where she is.
hace más de un año Drummerzz said…
Name: Yurashi Raiashiku
Age: 16
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 135
Appearance: Hair like Yami Yugis but the yellow is
blue and instead of red it is a Lighter Blue the black is Light Brown
and fair skin also Green eyes has little resemblance to a dragon but he is human and has like 1% Demon Blood
Personality: Careless Stubborn and Easily
Recognized ,Immature He protects his friends and
He won't let's anyone mess with them or hurt them
he also has motion sickness
Magic: Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic
Lightning Dragon Slayer Dragon Force and Lightning King Dragon Slayer Magic
Lightning God Dragon Slayer Magic Lighning Dragon God Force
Transformation Magic Elemental Magic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Team: Team Yurashi
Guild Mark: Right Shoulder its blue
History: He is the direct decedent of Pharaoh Atem
and Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfelia and Yugi Muto
He was also raised by Zaiajin the Dragon King
Pet: Johnny The Exceed
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hace más de un año mluz01 said…
Name: Gilkori Sakeroto
Age: 17
Height: 5"9
Weight: 134
Appearance: Round polerized glasses with a Silver frame Fair skin silver and black hair and blue eyes
Personality: More Mature bit stubborn quiet him and
Yukuma fight a lot but they are friends
Magic: Glass Devil Slayer, Glass Devil Force
Transformation Magic
Guild Mark: Forearm Its silver

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hace más de un año Drummerzz said…
Name: Angus Bladenight
Age: 17
Height: 5"9
Weight: 135
Appearance: Black Spikey Hair and a black Short Sleeve
Jacket he also has a ice sword his arms and sword
Are covered in white bandages
Personality: Mature (Rarely)
he also has motion sickness
Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic
Ice Dragon Slayer Dragon Force
Transformation Magic Elemental Magic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Team: Team Natsu
Guild Mark: Right Shoulder its black
History: He is the decedent of Kaiba and Grey
Pet: Koriko The Exceed
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hace más de un año Drummerzz said…
Name: Ankunora Lekataki
Age: 14
Height: 5'5
Weight: 102
Appearance: Long Black Hair with a red stripe
Personality: Careless and Stubborn
Magic: Fire Devil Slayer
Fire Devil Slayer Dragon Force
Transformation Magic Elemental Magic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Team: Team Natsu
Guild Mark: Right Shoulder its Ruby Red Like the color of her magic
History: She is Yukuma's Cousin
Pet: Jenna the exceed
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hace más de un año Drummerzz said…
Name: Tori Lekataki
Age: 16
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110
Appearance: Long Brown Hair
Personality: Quiet ,Mature ,Nice ,Caring
Doesn't Like To Stand Out
Magic: Acid Dragon Skayer Acid Dragon Force
Also Acid Queen Dragon Slayer Magic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Team: Team Natsu
Guild Mark: Right Shoulder Its Purple Just Like Her Magic
History: Ankunora's older sister
Pet: Brai The Exceed
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hace más de un año mluz01 said…
Name: Blaze Taiyo
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135
Appearance: Like Narutos Hair But Blood Red And
Like Natsu's S1 Clothes But Blood Red
where the Black is supposed to be and a black shirt
That exposes his stomach and a 3 scratches on his left arm
Personally: Immature ,loud
Magic: Fire Phoenix Slayer , Phoenix Force
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark: Right Shoulder Its Red with an orange outline
History: He Was Raised By a Flame Phoenix named Kasai
Pet: Kaen The Exceed
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hace más de un año Drummerzz said…
Name: Ararius Dreyar
Age: 17
Height: 5'9
Weight: 135
Appearance: Blonde And White Hair Purple button up
Jacket and laxus's scar on his eye also he has a tattoo on
His chest he has thinner eyebrows and blue eyes Some black
pants he also has a fuzzy white outline
Personality: Quiet ( Sometimes) Other times loud he also has motion sickness
Magic: Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic and
Thunder Dragon Force Take Over Magic but he can barely
Use it and also Thunder King Dragon Slayer Magic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark: Right Arm and its black
History: He is a Decendant of Laxus Dreyar and of Mirajane Strauss
Pet: Tokishiku The Exceed
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hace más de un año Drummerzz said…
Name: Suiro Noizu
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 133
Appearance: Aqua Blue Spikey Hair and Aqua blue Vest
Personality: Hates Studying, Loud And Immature
Magic: Water Dragon Slayer And Water Dragon Force and Water King Dragon Slayer Magic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark: Right Arm And its Aqua Blue
History: Raised By Sokaiyo The Water Dragon King
Pet: Mizu The Exceed
hace más de un año Drummerzz said…
Name: Keteroki Rameruko
Age: 16
Height: 5'7"1/2
Weight: 125
Appearance: He has long green and dark brown hair combed to the side
and a bit lighter than fair skin he has brown eyes
Personality: Careless Immature He also protects his friends and
He won't let's anyone mess with them or hurt them
he also has motion sickness
Magic: Energy Dragon Slayer Magic
Energy Dragon Slayer Dragon Force and Energy King Dragon Slayer Magic
Transformation Magic Elemental Magic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Team: Team Natsu
Guild Mark: Right Shoulder its green
History: He is the younger cousin of Yukuma
Pet: Lanny The Exceed
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hace más de un año GoldenTopHat said…
Name: Kiado The Lando

Age: 18

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120

Appearance: He Has long Purple hair, Brown eyes

Personality: Shadowy (Does Not let people see him alot), Caring, Protective, Scary

Magic: Wind and Ice

Guild: Fairy Tail

Team: Team Lano ( Other people that are not in the original fairy tail universe )

Guild Mark: On The Neck Thats White

History: Secret

Pet : Doesn't have one
hace más de un año lucedragneel said…

Name : Lyna Dracaria
Gender: Female
age : 17.
Height : 5.5.
Weight : 110.
Exceed: Delta
Apperance : Has long brown hair.. and i mean really long. She has eyes that can change colour, by will. She usually wears a black hoodie and leggings and combat boots or a black 1/2 vest with long sleeves, a white crop top, a black skirt and boots.
Personaility : Lyna has a playful and childlike personality similar to natsu when she is happy. She is very protective of her friends, and similar to lucy, is quite sensitive. She is quite perserverent and tries to be brave for her friends, even when shes terrified.
Magic : Heavenly dragonslayer.
Guild : Fairytail.
where is your Guild mark: Left shoulder, gold and outlined in red.
history: Lyna was raised by a dragon named Azura. Her dragon dissapeared on the same day as everyone else's and from then on lyna travelled in search of a home. One day, she encountered a group of bandits in the town of magnolia and fought them all. Lucy and natsu had seen what happened and asked her if she wanted to join Fairytail. Lyna of course excepted, and went with her new friends. She became best friends with Lucy and Natsu. She falls in love with the pink haired dragonslayer but he doesnt know it. He likes her as well but is kind of shy towards his own feelings (as is she). Life continues for lyna.. and shes quite happy!
hace más de un año lucedragneel said…
Lyna Dracaria (this is what she looks like except she has a blonde strand of hair on each side)

hace 11 meses V23 said…
Name: Cora Vermilion
Age: 19 years old
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150 lbs
Appearance: Fair skin, has short pixie brown hair
With ocean blue eyes, wears black plains T-shirt
with black leather jacket, with blue jeans and black
Personality: Badass, tomboy and short temper.
Magic: Death and light magic
Team: Team Natsu
Guild: Fairy Tail
Where is your guild mark: right shoulder, colored
History: At a young age, Cora's family was killed in
a fire that was caused by her own sister. Vowing
revenge, she is taken under the wing of her uncle
who soon teaches her death and light magic. When
she is finally able to master both elements, she is
on a journey to look for her sister and kill her.But
that all changed when she met a certain pink hair,
dragon slayer who rescued her from a group of
wizards. She soon becomes good friends with
Natsu and his friends and decided to join Fairy Tail.
But still vowing revenge for the deaths of her
hace 11 meses Serenacloud15 said…
Name: Serena Cloud
Height: 5'3
Weight: Rather not say
Appearance:Long whitish blonde hair that reaches my waist. Light violet eyes, pale yet fair skin tone. Medium length white/pale blue dress that reaches knees, long sleeves with bit of fur on ends. Pale blue leggings to match dress. White ballet flats. Snowflake necklace.
Personality: Shy, quiet and innocent. Afraid of being alone forever. Fear of being hated. Loyal to friends and guild which are like family. Willing to risk everything for guilds safety.
Magic: snow maker
Guild: Fairy tail
Where guild mark is: Back of left hand
history: Orginally seven years younger than Gray but after the Tenrou Island incident same age. Abandon by her parents for being a wizard.
hace 10 meses Rubie_elsa said…
Name: Luna Grace


Height: 5,6


Appearance: Dark skin. Long black hair that reaches about half of her back. Usually wears crop tops and skirts, with boots. Colorful clothing. Pearl earings. Flower bracelet. Slim hourglass body.

Personality: Happy, a lil crazy(in a good way), playful, flirty, sometimes smart, elegant

Magic: Nature/earth. Really powerful. Animals

Guild: Fairytail (team Natsu)

Where is mark: Below my shoulder on my arm

History: Lived peacefully is a modern sorta village with a lot of vegetation. There were fairies and magical creatures. She was the princess there. one day Acnologia attacked everyone died but her because she was snuck off the island. After wandering aimlessely from town to town she stumbles across fairytail. Guild name reminds her of her home. Then she joins.
hace 7 meses hunter111005 said…
two people same person by the way

Name : Kemuri Silver (Boy)
Rose Silver (Girl)

age : 16

Height : 6ft
Weight : 110, skinny with abs (Boy)
abbes with descent chest (Girl)

sexuality: Boy- Bisexual
Girl- Lesbian

Appearance :
Hair is thick and medium length that goes back to the neck and is metallic silver with a scarlet,violet tint.His right eye color changes on his mood (rainbow) and his left eye changes between white or black depending if he is using light magic or black magic.He mainly wares a black scarf,long dark aqua blue jeans and a black robe with a hood along with two kitana holders,two pistol holders and a book holder for the Enkiridian and has a tan white skin tone

her skin tone is a chest nut brown, with metallic violet,scarlet red hair braided down with aqua blue bangs with a sun set orange lotus flower,she wares a white scarf and a white robe with a hood with teal lines diagonally down the robe with a dark glowing colors that can use elemental magic and a black holster for a desert eagle and in the back a book holder for the book of Aserath. Her right eye is light green and her left eye is a autumn pink color and when the two books (The book of Aserath and the Enkiridean) are brought together they make a scroll called the slayer scroll and it teaches you on how to make any magic.

Personality :stubborn,nice,caring,pissy,playful in his own way

Magic :There magic's are elemental magic (witch contains the elements/black arts/celestial/guild and creation magic), take away/give back (witch him/her can take away peoples magic and give magic to people) and transformation/takeover magic ( this lets him/her take over a demon using satin soul,transform into people or into the 2 different genders or any animal/monster)

Guild :fairy guardians,fairy tail

Team solo/ guild members rarley

where is your Guild mark: fairy tail stigmata is on there leg and the fairy guardians stigmata is on there left shoulder (sea green and black)

There history is that they were born in a small wooden cabin near the water in the year x889 out side of Magnolia. at this time the legendary people known as team Natsu all passed and Magnolia lost its self and got into a national war about if magic should be prohibited because of what Natsu did that day to the Capital,Magnolia and what he did to FairyTail by killing Mira,Loxous,Erza and Markov. That day will never be forgoton when the strongest fairy tail member of Fairy Tail betrayed his own family,wife and children and sided with Zeref,acnologia and the Alzack Empire.But it was hard to survive while the civil war was going on there was no food and innocent people were forced into captivity or killed. But they never gave up hope because when they were younger Mavis Vermilion called down and stooped the arguing and blood shed by using her black magic " raging lotus" and wiped half of magnolia into dust then created a new guild named fairy guardians and ever since then they wanted to join the guild and protect people so that never happens again and no body has to suffer like they did.
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