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SkittleJerky14 posted on Apr 30, 2015 at 08:41PM
This is going to be a roleplay forum for anyone who wants to join! There will be a few rules.


Keep cussing to a minimum

Make one character ( if you want a new one kill yours off)

No killing other characters

Dont copy original characters

Don't make character too strong

If you want to join, please give this information.

Guild(you will be able to make a guild info below)

If you want to create guild please give this information. You may use an existing guild too.

Guild Name:
Guild Master:

I will list members as they join.

Current Members/Guilds:
Aria Zuki(SkittleJerky14)......................­...­...­...­...­...­..S­tar­ry Knights

Haruki Raven(Cheng_Cheng)........................­...­...­..S­tar­ry Knights

Tsouka Haruna(erza2)


Aurora Radiline(Angela_the_Neko).................­...­...­Sta­rry Knights

Cherry Starwood(ForeverDream123)

Agelina Yufukuna(Horofox6)........................­...­...­...­Fai­ryT­ail­


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hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
I'd like to join!
SkittleJerky14 commented…
tu already know tu can join! hace más de un año
Cheng_Cheng commented…
true hace más de un año
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Name: Aria Zuki
Race: Human/Black -American
Pet:Ria(bird that uses telepathy)
Relationships:Ria, Soku(Magic Sensei)
Personality:Shy at first, always in her head, polite, fierce
Guild: Starry Knights
Magic: Elemental magic, Elemental weapons(not limited to weapons)
Note: Always carrying periodic table
Bio: Was abandoned at 10, Ria found her wandering by herself.
Have been together since. Doesn't stay in one place to long.
Appearance: Short black hair, violet eyes, wears pale yellow glasses and emerald nacklace.Very tall.

Guild Name: Starry Knights
Members:Aria Zuki (SkittleJerky14)
Town(HQ): Hargeon
Bio: Small guild for starting RP's and magic users, filled with less than sane people.
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Name: Haruki Raven
Race: Human
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Pets: Keiko (exceed)
Relationships: Morganis (Lacrima Dragon) Keiko (exceed) and Former Guild Members
Personality: Independent, strong-willed, reluctant to trust anyone, very skilled with her magic

Guild: Former Member of Grand Full Moon

Members: (Many)
Town: Crocus (Fiore's Capital)
Bio: It disbanded when a group of bandits attacked them
Guild Master: Lady Masayume

Magic: Lacrima Dragon Slayer and Lacrima Make
Notes: Is born with the curse of bring bad luck to everyone she makes connections with. She wants to find a way to break the curse. Just turned 14

Bio: She was born with the curse of bring bad luck to everyone she made connections with. The day after she was born, her house burned down, killing her parents. Somehow she ended up with Morganis, the Lacrima dragon, who taught her magic. After Morganis left, she found an exceed named Keiko and together they joined the guild: Grand Full Moon.

A week after she joined the guild, it got attacked and there weren't a lot of survivors. After that, Haruki begins to understand her curse.

Appearance: Long black hair (sometimes in a braid)
Green eyes
Average height
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hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Walking around town Aria looks for people to join her guild.

Aria: (thinking) Ria, why doesn't anyone want to join our guild!

Ria: Because it only has one person in it. And a bird.
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
I suddenly hear a rustling of leaves...
Haruki: Who's there?! *I jump up, getting ready to use my magic*
Keiko: Calm down Haruki, its just me
Haruki: Oh *I responded, relaxing* Did you find anything to eat? *I asked my exceed*
Keiko: Nope, like I told you, you should join a guild again and complete job requests for jewels or we'll both starve

Haruki: You know guild life isn't meant for me *I looked down and said quietly*...you remembered what happened...that time when I decided that I'd join a guild...

Keiko: So...what now? *she asks, trying to brighten the conversation*

hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Giving up Aria walks into a store for some gadgets.

Aria: ( thinking) um, do you want something Ria.

Ria: No, you humans confuse me with your devices!
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria:Oh well.

She walks out the store, not seeing want she wants and head downs the forest path that leads to her guild hall.

Ria: Did you see that?!

Aria: Stop being paranoid! No one's there. They never are.
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: Is there anything we can do?

Keiko: Oh come on! *she says cheerfully* Maybe we should go on an adventure or something!

Haruki: Keiko, I just don't get how you are so "happy-go-lucky" all the time
Keiko: What do you mean? By the way *she asks pointing to the hair that recently started growing on her head* Do you think my hair looks weird?

Haruki: *I shake my head* No, but if you ask me, it's your brain that's weird

hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
But then, Aria heard it to the rustling of leaves!

Aria: Who's there. *getting in fighting stance* Come out!
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: *I suddenly here some footsteps*

Keiko: I smell a bird...yum...

Haruki: *I give Keiko a look*

Keiko: I was just kidding! You know I don't eat birds!
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria hears voices and becomes afraid.
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: *I jump up, positive that I heard people*
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Ria: I'll confuse them so you can run! Go! Now!

Aria takes off at top speed!

Ria:Confusion Spell! Food!
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: *I quickly grab my bag* Let's go Keiko! No matter what, I can't bring them bad...
Keiko: Pizza...
Haruki: ...Luck.....
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Ria fly's over the forested area to see who was there. Then she spotted a girl and a ...cat.

Ria: Hey! Stop! Come here and explain yourselves!
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Keiko: *shakes the thought of pizza and sushi out of her head* W-who are you?!
Haruki: *I see a bird and sigh for relief* My curse only affects humans
Keiko: A talking bird?!?!
Haruki: Keiko...why should you be surprised?
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hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Ria: I'm not talking! Its telepathy! Whatever, what are you doing on Starry Knight property!

She drops down to confront them.

Ria: I should have you arrested! We could have killed you!
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hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: What? Starry Knight? S-sorry...we didn't know...

Keiko: Wait up! What in the world is a "starry knight????"
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Ria: Its a guild, you baka! I would ask you to join, but first I have to deal with you trespassing!
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Keiko: Isn't weird having a birdie boss you around?

Haruki: Shhh! She can hear you...
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Ria:(to Aria) Come back. They are stupid.BAKA!

Aria:I would, but I'm stuck!

Aria was upside down in a hunters trap.

Ria: Crap! Uh you guys! Follow me we'll discuss this in the hall and I'll forgive you if you help me! No other options if you don't want the police involved!
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: *I hesitate* B-but um...my curse...uh...

Keiko: *visible sweat marks* We can worry about that later! Right now, our first priority is getting ourselves out of trouble!
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Ria leads them to Aria who has passed out.

Ria: Awareness spell! Awake!

Suddenly, Aria wakes up!

Aria: Ria! Who's that?

Ria: That doesn't matter! Why do you keep getting stuck in these?

Aria: Beats me. Um, can you do a Calm spell, now?

Ria: Calm spell! Provide!

Aria becomes completely blank and seems to have forgotten where she is.

Aria: Titanium Battle Axe!!

A battle axe bigger than her appears in Aria's hand and she swings it upwards cutting the rope that's around her ankle. She drops to the ground with incredible grace.

Aria: Can we finally go get those guys? That is the last time I get stuck in their traps!
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: *I watch, dumbfounded* Wait...you two are magic users too?
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria: Huh? Oh, yeah, um, wait who are you?

Ria: These are the dummies I was talking about. They're going to help us capture those Baka hunters!

Aria: Oh...... Hey do you guys want to join our guild?
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: I...we....can't....

Keiko: She's human! *Keiko said pointing to Aria* Isn't she supposed to be affected by your curse?
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: *I gasp* That's right...
Keiko: Maybe it's going to take some time for the curse to make an effect...? *she suggested*
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria:Curse? Oh! Curses don't effect me.

She points at her emerald necklace.

Aria: This is a "good luck" charm, you could say, so any bad stuff that's supposed to happen, as far as cures go it won't effect me much.

Ria: OK, now that you're done, can we get the hunters!? I put a confusion spell on them, but they're still making a run for it!

Aria: Hold on! As soon as they answer, we can go and they can help us.*turns to Haruki* So.. Will you join our guild?
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: *I jump up* Wait? What did you say?! Curses don't effect you?! *I say with a sudden interest*

Keiko: Hey Haruki! Doesn't the color of the emerald necklace match your green eyes perfectly?
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria: Yep, it does,......but are you going to join our guild? I.. mean.. I understand if you don't.......we're a small guild and aren't that powerful..............*trails off*
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: Is there anyone else in your guild...I mean...besides you and...the bird?

Keiko: Oh! That's right, we don't know your names yet!
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hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria: No, I've been trying to get people to join, but we aren't that popular. So it's just us. Us being Aria,me, and Ria, the bird.
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hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
(Where's Jacobi)
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: So...it's just you two...?

*Me and Keiko huddle together to talk as they watch confused*

Keiko: It's just them! The bird...ahem...I mean Ria...won't be effected by your curse because she's not human and Aria has that protective necklace. That means that your curse won't effect either of them!

Haruki: So, are we going to join them? I mean, they do look like nice people but I don't know if we can trust them.

Keiko: Of course! If we join, we'll have a place to stay and food to eat!

Haruki: You do remember what happened to the last guild we joined? *I stop to ponder for a while* Fine, we'll join them but if someone else joins, we'll leave immediately.

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hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
(Jacobi, get on already! T_T )
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…

Aria: uh........ Are you guys OK?

Ria:Come on! Wait, never mind, they're out of my telepathic reach. Guess we'll have to get them another day.
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Keiko: Waaaaait! *Aria and Ria turn towards her*

Keiko: *clears her throat* We...have just decided to join the "Glittery Soldiers!"
Haruki: Uh..Keiko...I thinks it's actually "Starry Knights..."
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria does a crazy happy dance! She starts running down the dirt path.

Aria: Come on! I'll show you the guild hall!
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: *Me and Keiko exchange glances and nod*

*We follow Aria, running down the dirt path*

erza2 commented…
Tsouka;hey guys hace más de un año
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
O_O FINALLY!!! We've been waiting forever!!! Did the instructions I send you help?
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hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria stops out of breath and points to what looks like a big house.

Aria: This....….....is.......the.......hall. It ....has ..*whew* It has two floors. Bottom is the guild hall. Top is living courters, complete with kitchen, living room, and several bedrooms.Oh and a bathroom for each bedroom.

Ria: I'll give the tour.

Ria flaps into the house and bring them down three steps into an open area with lots of furniture and a job board at the back. To the left a staircase going upstairs.
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: Wow!
Keiko: We haven't seen a guild hall since Grand Full Moon! This will be awesome! Guild Life here I come!
erza2 commented…
yep hace más de un año
erza2 commented…
what are we talking about hace más de un año
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
(Hi jacobi. Took u long enuf)
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Read the rules!
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
(I sent her instructions)
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
(Jacobi, you should read what we typed so far so you know what's going on. Fill out the Info thing)
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
(Yeah listen to Cheng Cheng)

Aria: haha, its not so grand here.(oh the puns)

Ria: we rarely get big jobs,but you're welcome to the board.
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: "puns"

It's good enough for me *I say looking around* Say...do you have any S-Class wizards here?
Keiko: Haruki was a S-Class mage in Grand Full Moon!

Ria: Didn't that guild disband?
hace más de un año SkittleJerky14 said…
Aria: Yes it did,but let's not talk about that.

Ria:OK, let's show them upstairs!

Ria flies upstairs and rounds a corner. To the right is the kitchen and to the left the living room.
hace más de un año Cheng_Cheng said…
Haruki: Everything's so neat...
Keiko: It's been years since we actually been inside a real building!

Keiko: Oh, by the way, when we join a guild, don't we get a guild mark?