fairy tail New wizard guild!!!! [ Dragon Claw ] RP Lets be # 1 in Fiore!!!!

Palin_X765 posted on Nov 29, 2013 at 09:09PM
It is many forums up for ( our favorite guild fairy tail) but we need one that we can call our own home. Lets build our own lore and history as we try to be the number 1 guild in Fiore!!!!! Dragon claw will be the guild for us, the fans.

Character Sheet

Name :


age :

Appearance :

Personalty :

Type of magic :

weapons/ or magical items (optional):

pets (optional);

guild mark placement :

Teammates (optional) ;

PS: remember teams are when a group of members from the same guild take on missions together. like Natsu, Lucy ,Grey ,Happy and Erza. You can make all the members of your team, Or ask other people in the guild to join your team then edit your character sheet.


1. cursing is allowed just keep it to a minimum

2. no overpowered characters please . we want this to be fun for all

3. You are encouraged to use other people characters in your post but make them act like how there bio descries them.

4. Don't kill anyone else character or yours will quickly be assassinated and you will be asked to leave.

5. DO NOT POST ONE LINERS AT ALL!!!!!. One paragraph at least . we want this very interesting

6. everyone cant be a dragon slayer

7. Just have fun no need for drama

NPC Characters

Guild master : Her name is Katiya she is 57 with dark brown skin and grey hair. Her magic ? She is highly skilled with storm magic. she can make violently storms full of lighting and can make tornadoes or hurricanes. She loves to pull jokes on the guild members.

Carla: the bartender she is considered a very beautiful girl with long brown hair and fair skin with green eyes. She is shy and gets hit on by most of the males members. Saved by Katiya when her village was destroyed

guild symbol

 It is many foros up for ( our favorito! guild fairy tail) but we need one that we can call our own ho
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hace más de un año Palin_X765 said…
Remember once we start try to post one or more paragraphs lets make this interesting :)

Message me for more info
Issydragonheart commented…
hola I kinda really new at this so can tu tell me some info for the New Bee here (Points at herself). tu see I'm kinda of've scared that I mess up o my someone unhappy okay. hace más de un año
Issydragonheart commented…
I mean make someone unhappy. hace más de un año
hace más de un año sieluvzsoul said…
(ill ask my friends 2 join )
hace más de un año Palin_X765 said…
Name : Mako lightingedge

age : 19

Gender : male

Appearance : brown skin with black hair. He normal wear a white shirt with a black jacket over it and baggy pants. he has a headband on his head and wear a dragon necklace.

Personalty : He has a very relaxed nature and is easy to get along with. He will also try to get with any girl he sees, but is not always lucky.

Type of magic : Equip magic ( like Erza)

weapons/ or magical items (optional): He has four forms he can change into.
1. Lighting blade- Lighting blade is a the weapon (seen below) in this form the blade can summon lighting a which he can use to give the blade extra power or shoot it at enemies.

2. Shadow armor - it is a black suit of armor with a massive shield that can deflect almost any attack. this armor can also allow him to hide in the shadows a technique he hasn't master.

3. Blue flame- this body armor make him invincible to any and all fire attacks, and shoot them at his enemies. also he can summon his own flames but that is hard to do.

4. Archangel armor- This is his most powerful suit. it is gold and silver and can make him appear nine feet tall. He wields two massive golden swords and can summon and unlimited amount of holy arrows.

history: he has been traveling for years with his best friend, Nana looking for a guild home

pets (optional);

guild mark placement : on his right bicep

Team (optional) ; Nana
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 Name : Mako lightingedge age : 19 Gender : male Appearance : brown skin with black hair. He
Issydragonheart commented…
Candie: Hello My name's Candie! I hope we get along! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Palin_X765 said…
Name : Nana

age : 17

gender: female

Appearance : She has very fair skin and long blue hair. wear a white jacket and light blue shorts.

Personalty : she is a kind person. But before a fight she will become very serious especially when her friends are in danger.

Type of magic : Take Over- Frozen beast soul. she can change into various ice monsters like frost giants or a frozen ice serpents

weapons/ or magical items (optional): she carries throwing knives

History: On her many adventures with Mako she fell in love with him but she hasn't found a way to tell him

pets (optional); N/A

guild mark placement : on the right side of her chest

Teammates (optional) ; Mako lightingedge
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 Name : Nana age : 17 gender: female Appearance : She has very fair skin and long blue hair
Issydragonheart commented…
Candie: Hi my names candie. I hope we get along. hace más de un año
hace más de un año mcterra said…
Name: Chase McCartland




Personnality: Hotheaded and always ready for a fight.

Type of magic: Dynamite magic. He can cause any part of his body to explode without any effect on him, can also explode anything he touches and can even explode things from a distance. Also he can turn anything that touches him into a bomb.

Weapons: None

History: Not much is known about him.


Guild mark: At the back of his left hand.

Teammates: Still looking.
 Name: Chase McCartland Age:18 Gender:Male Appearance:Pic Personnality: Hotheaded and alwa
Issydragonheart commented…
Candie: Names Candie and I hope we become good friends. hace más de un año
hace más de un año Palin_X765 said…
come on guys you know you want to join
hace más de un año KayKutie13 said…
Name : Lilith Valentine

gender: female

age : 18

Appearance : pic

Personalty : Bubbly, go getter,

Type of magic : Wind Magic

weapons/ or magical items (optional): none

pets (optional); A black cat

guild mark placement : back of her neck

Teammates (optional): Right now she does jobs with people who ask her to but she doesn't have a permanent team. She really want's one though.
 Name : Lilith Valentine gender: female age : 18 Appearance : pic Personalty : Bubbly, go
Issydragonheart commented…
Candie: Hi names candie and i hope we become good friends. por the way I amor your hair! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
(Really new at this so may need some guidence, so sorry..)

Name : Candie Tess

gender: Female

age : 16

Appearance : peachy colored skin. Long hot pink hair in low pony with a flower. Yellow sundress with brown legging that end at mid thigh. Simple pink sandals. Also wears a choker that keeps her curse inside her.

Personalty : Bubbly, Sweet, Tends to act like a kid when it comes to candy, Loves matchmaking I mean she loves it. That also makes her very determined to meddle with ones life to help them fall in love. She rarely gets angered. The only thing that make her angry is people making fun of her friends or hurting them, or taking her lolly pop. Oh and her goal is to find soul mate for everyone.

Type of magic : Angel Magic.

Angel wings:
Like an exceed she can use her magic to have wings like an angel and grows with her in strength. It can be used for a long time.

Angel kiss:
Blow kisses to the enemy to that explode on their cheeks.

Heart Arrow:
Uses her winged arrow from her dad to shot pure happiness into the enemy's heart. aka deafating them.
It can also be used as cupids arrows and make people fall in love with the person/thing it first sees. (very dangerous, luckliy that wears off in a day)

weapons/ or magical items (optional): Heart arrow.

pets (optional); No pets

guild mark placement : bottom right thigh

Teammates (optional) ; No one right now, but would love one.

History: Still looking for her lost big sister after her parents divorce.

Picture :
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 (Really new at this so may need some guidence, so sorry..) Name : Candie Tess gender: Female
hace más de un año Palin_X765 said…
hey thanks for joining though i doubt ima use this anyways
hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
Your welcome.
hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
Candie: hey I was wondering if someone would like to form a team with me. Its okay if none of you do just for some of the time to do missions.
hace más de un año Palin_X765 said…
Nana and Mako were walking through the guild house. They were getting cat called by the other members when they saw Candie.

" Hey Candie what sup?" Mako asked her
Issydragonheart commented…
"I'm doing really great Mako." Smiles at him. hace más de un año
Issydragonheart commented…
"Now that I am in a guild I can finally earn money and make new friends." Then smirks, "And help people get together." Winks at them playfully. "I think I'm going to look for a mission see tu guys later, and tell me if tu need anything matchmaking wise." Walks over to the mission board where David is. hace más de un año
hace más de un año deathsie said…
Name : David, refuses to give last name

gender: male

age : 17

Appearance : Black hair, red eyes, black trench coat, white shirt, blue jeans, a yellow and a blue sock, a lot of wristbands, and an old worn out pair of sneakers, also wears sunglasses when out of the guild

Personalty : though anti-social and very insensitive, when you get to know him you realize it is just part of his morals, never lie, always watch for trouble, and protect the weak. he is also extremely protective of the weak

Type of magic : dark magic, though unlike most user's he gives it a more physical form, like a sword

weapons/ or magical items (optional): a hilt to help give form to his magic when making it a sword

pets (optional); a puppy

guild mark placement : in the top center of his back, in-between his shoulder blades

Teammates (optional) ; none, though he will pair up with anyone that asks, its just that no one asks
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hace más de un año deathsie said…
David is standing next to the job board looking over the jobs, "there are never any good one man jobs." he says as he sighs and pets his puppy sitting on a stool next to him.
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hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
Candie comes up to him. "David, how about this job?" "It's to stop bandits up in north for 400,000 Jewels." Hands him the flyer. "So..., Do you want to go?" Bounces up and down in excitement.
Issydragonheart commented…
Candie while bouncing notices the puppy. "Aww, your perrito, cachorro is cute." Pets the perrito, cachorro behind the ear. "Whats its name?" hace más de un año
hace más de un año deathsie said…
David first looks at the flyer then at Candie. "Sure, why not." David then looks at his pup, "i never gave him a name, i just call him pup or dog.
hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
Candie: sure pup sounds like a cute name! I'll go on the mission with you?
hace más de un año deathsie said…
"Well i am ready to leave when you are" David says to Candie as he passes back the flyer.
hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
Candie: Yeah! Lets go *sticks a lolly pop in her mouth*
hace más de un año deathsie said…
As David leads the way out of the door with his pup following close behind he ask's Candie "So what way do you want to travel? Walking, carriage, or train?"
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hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
Candie: Train! It faster and warmer.
hace más de un año deathsie said…
"It's also loud" David says as he puts on his sunglasses "but i did let you pick" David leads Candie to the train station
hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
Candie: *On the train* Oh....Look at the view! Isn't it cool.
hace más de un año deathsie said…
David looks out of the window "meh, it nice i suppose" David then continues to try and sleep, then pup then barks as if to agree with Candie
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hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
Candie: *picks up pup and place pup on her lap* Your a dog aren't you? *pets pup*
hace más de un año deathsie said…
Pup looks up at Candie and barks twice then curls up in her lap, as he curls up his fur parts and small scars show that would normally be hidden