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AnimeOtaku48 posted on May 06, 2013 at 02:17AM
Copy The Format:

Class:(u cant be S-Class unless you have my permission)
Pet:(If u like)
Lives in-
Usual Hangout:(if u like)

Thats it.Post a picture for your appearance also if u like(:

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hace más de un año Karkat_Lover16 said…
Name: Avalon Kingsley
Age: 17
Guild: Formally Stardust Seekers
Gender: female
Magic: lights
Weapon: pirate sword
Appearance: *the girl in the pic. she has dark brown hair and a black shirt with a skull on it also a red skirt and pirate boots
BF: none but has a crush on Natsu her nickname for him is "Dragon boy"
BFF: Gray,Lucy,Mira Jane
Class:well she hasnt been there for a year
Pet:a bunny named Jolly roger
Likes- cooking,sweets,being around her friends,fighting
Dislikes-stealing from poor, irritaing people
Weakness-cant swim
Motto- "if ya cant take the waves get outta the water"
Lives- a few houses down from Lucy
Usual Hangout- fairy tail, anywhere with trees
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 Name: Avalon Kingsley Age: 17 Guild: Formally Stardust Seekers Gender: female Magic: lights Weap
hace más de un año Karkat_Lover16 said…
(she also wears a brown pirate like jacket)
hace más de un año AnimeOtaku48 said…
Name:Blue Heartwood
Guild:Fairy Tail
Magic:Snow Magic
Weapon:Daggers (hidden)
Appearance:(refer to picture)She has blonde hair tied to pig tails,always wears school uniforms,and pink umbrella's.She has red eyes and has a cold aura with her
BF:N/A (Has a crush on Gray)
BFF:Freed,Laxus,Bixlow and Evergreen.Sometimes Mira,And Lisanna
Pet:a snow tiger that chan shapeshift to stuff,Its also the umbrella.Its called Yuki
Likes:dark places,the cold,fighting and blood
Dislikes:happy moments,the guild and its cheerfulness
Weakness:can sometimes be trapped in the past and zone out
Motto:"What annoys me,dies."
Lives:Far from the guild,Near the Black and Cold Caves
Usual Hangout-Black and Cold Caves,Guild or Snow Mountain
Personality:Cold,Icy,Stoic and doesnt care

(Picture wint load ille post it after)
hace más de un año Karkat_Lover16 said…
(wanna start?)
AnimeOtaku48 commented…
Ok.PM if ur online hace más de un año
hace más de un año mcterra said…
Name:Sion Barzahd
Guild:Fairy Tail
Magic:Hell Fire Dragon Slaying Magic (instead of the normal orange colour, his flames are deep red and he can turn his body into hell fire rendering his opponent's speed and power useless)
GF:None.He hates coming in contact with girls
BFF:Goes along well with everyone
Pet:a little white male monkey called Ookie who can turn himself into a huge gorilla
Dislikes:working and annoying people
Weakness:Girls.They make him feel uneasy
Motto: "Hakunna Mattata"-take things as they come
Lives:In an appartment in Magnolia
Usual hangout:Fairy Tail.Anywhere where he can sleep
Personnality:lazy and hates working.he's an easygoing person but gets serious when he has to.

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 Name:Sion Barzahd Age:16 Guild:Fairy Tail Gender:Male Magic:Hell fuego Dragon Slaying Magic (inst