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wolfmaster3000 posted on May 25, 2012 at 03:23AM
This is a Role Play that Takes 10 years after the current story Line this is a Non-cannon Role play all charcters in the seris are Deceased. You can be related to charcters from the seris. You can fight in the Guild but within reason no killing other people's charcters.

Story : Long since the Death of Guild Master Makarov Dreanor The New Master of Fairy Tail Arein Fox Has become the new Guild Master and has made Fairy Tail Number one in Fiore once more. Fairy Tail is back to it's Normal function of a Guild with outragous Mages to those who are too serious for there own good. Fairy Tail currently has 6 S-class Mages Each one strong in his or her own right. Come and Join the wonderful Guild known as Fairy tail

Charcters :



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hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Omen DawnStar

Age : 18

Rank : S-class Mage

Parents : Elune & Skorm (Adoptive mother & father )

Magic : Third Generation Dragon Slayer-Darkness & Light

Personality : outgoing, fun to be around, serouis when confronted, Enjoys a good Brwal or sparing Match.

Guild Mark : his Guild Mark is located on his Right shoulder and is Dark mid-night Black with a white triming around it.

Team : Dragon slayer Siblings

Alais : The Light & darkness Dragon of fairy tail

Name : Talon Barns

Age : 18

Parent(s) : Steeling ( Adoptive father )

Rank : S-class Mage

Guild Mark : Talon's Guild mark is on his right shoulder and is A bright Silver with a Gold triming around it.

Magic : Third Generation Steel Dragon slayer

Personality : Outgoing, Fun, dis-likes fighting (if it can be avoided ), Enjoys being with friends and Looks up to Omen.

Team : Dragon slayer siblings

Alais : The Silver Dragon of Fairy tail

Apperance (for both ) : Omen wear and a trench coat (simlair to Natsu's ) where the sleeve is missing Omen wears a Gaunlet covering from his hand to his shoulder. the Gaunlet is gray in color and has his Guild Mark on it. he wears the same style of pants as Natsu but Red. his Hair is a Dark black color with whtie highlights in it. his hair is shoulder length and pin straight. his eye's are a Dark gray color and his Iris are Reptilain shaped. He also has Visbile Canine teeth. Talon wears a short Vest with no undershirt revealing his Meduim Muscle mass. his Vest is Much like stings. Talon also wears Baggy black sweat pants with Pointed black shoes. Talons hair is Straight up ( Picture goku super sayain ) and is Bright Silver. Talons eye color is a Dark Green color with reptilen Irises and sharp Canines.
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Arein Gray

Age : 35

Rank : Guild Master / ten wizard saint

Magic : Elemental , Lost Tree Ark , Very power Sealing Magic, Ex-equip ( Staves mostly )

Appearance : Arein wears A White cotton shirt with a Low cut Neck Revealing his pectoral Muscles , he wears Loose Black Pants with swashbuckler boots he Also wears a Large Black Cape with the fairy tail symbol on the back. He also has his Wizard Saint patch on the left shoulder of his Cape.He also wears a Pair of Black Leather Gloves and is oftein seen carying around a Staff. Arein has Long Raven Black hair that he wears in a pony Tail. He has a Rather Bushy Goatee forming around his upper lip and connecting at the bottom of his face ( Like Gildarts ). Arein also has Baby blue eyes.