fairy tail -FAIRY TAIL- (ROLEPLAY)

natcy08 posted on May 11, 2012 at 02:46AM
......if you join this roleplay you must complete this list!!!

location of your house-

and this is the rules

be friendly
be nice
always make yourself at home!!!
 ......if tu registrarse this roleplay tu must complete this list!!! name- age- magic- weapon- pet- appea
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hace más de un año natcy08 said…
name- nami kitchi
age- 16
magic- celestial spirit summoner
weapon- (archer) bow,arrow and katana
pet- black leopard with fire magic
appearance-(hair)golden yellow always wear a white t-shirt
dislikes- cheaters
likes-my pet
boyfriend/girlfriend-single but waiting for someone to love me more than anything
location of your house-near at the guild house
hace más de un año LetsDuel2012 said…
Name:Avalon Kingsly
Magic:light (can make weapons from light)
Weapons:(that she doesn't need to make from light) pirate sword
pet:red and orange bunny/Dragon named Spitfire
Appearance:(a pic I will post later)
Likes:sparring,being in Fairy Tail, her friends
Dislikes:her old guild
boyfriend: none but has a huge crush on Natsu
Height: 5.5"
Location of house: a few down from Lucy
attitude: spunky,hot headed, can have a temper,but nice, in one word she's a true pirate
hace más de un año AlyzaAnne0225 said…
Name- Kanzaki Haruka
Age- 13
Magic- Requip
Weapon- Swords
Pet- A small baby Dragon that has shiny silver colored scales and sky blue colored wings. She has a unique scar that' shaped like a star on her right wing. Her name is Rhythm.
Appearance- Has golden yellow hair that's always in a high ponytail and sapphire blue eyes. Always wearing a black, dark blue, red, blue, or gray sleeveless hoodie with different designs and black, dark blue, or gray shorts.Either wearing a pair of black knee high socks and black laced boots or wearing dark blue socks and blue or red sneakers.
Dislikes- Crowds and Noise.
Likes- Reading or training with her free time, people with big hearts and people that she can depend on.
Boyfriend- Not telling!
Height- 5'5
Location of your house- Fairy Hills
Attitude- Cod and reserved on the outside. She barely speaks to anyone unless necessary but when you become closer to her, you can see that she's just shy and doesn't mean all the mean things she says about you.
hace más de un año AnimeOtaku48 said…
Name-Nanami Ruka
Magic-Seasonal Use (not that good at it though)
Pet-A tiger that can shapeshift into mist.She has golden fur with black prints in the middle.The name's Mist.
Appearance:Has long blue hair,looks young for her age,always wears school uniforms no matter what occasion.Except for sometimes...(ille post a picture lter)
Dislikes-Tight and Small spaces
Likes-Spending time at the forest partying
Location Of Your House-Near the Forest,Really far from the guild.
Attitude:Bubbly,Cheerful,Hyper,Party-Craz­y,O­ut-­goi­ng and Loving.If u piss her off,she can be the complete opposite of this,
hace más de un año Karkat_Lover16 said…
(Wanna start btw this is LetsDuel)
hace más de un año mcterra said…
Name:Sion Barzahd
Magic:Hell Fire Dragon Slaying Magic(flames are deep red and can also turn his body into hell fire rendering his opponent's speed and power useless)
Pet:a little white male monkey named Ookie who can turn into a huge gorilla
Girlfriend:None.Girls make him feel uneasy
Location of house:Somewhere in Magnolia
Attitude:Hot-headed and always ready for a good fight
 Name:Sion Barzahd Age:16 Magic:Hell fuego Dragon Slaying Magic(flames are deep red and can also turn
hace más de un año mcterra said…
Sion:"enters the guild and sees many new girls roaming around." Uh-oh
Ookie:Girl at one o'clock
Sion:Damn I gotta get outta here.Girls make me puke
hace más de un año LetsDuel2012 said…
Avalon walked in, looking around. 'hmm...first week here and its going well' she thought
hace más de un año Issydragonheart said…
name-Candie Tess

age- 16 or in a angel years 1600. Immortal meaning she can live for ever but can be killed.

magic- Angel take over and slaying.
You find out more about her powers later and she has the gift to see perfect matches.
She has a angel wings enchanted tattoo that allow her to summon her wings when ever she wants.

weapon- Heavenly thrusted sword given to her by her father cupid to cut through the things that mortals can't see.

pet- A blonde cat (normal)

appearance- Long wavy pink hair with curls at the end. She wears a rose in her hair. Red eyes. Good figure and she wears sundresses and lolita outfits.

dislikes- Mean people

likes- Candy and Happy ending

boyfriend/girlfriend- She has a soul mate called IQ

height- Average I guess?

location of your house- She lives in a castle in the clouds

attitude-A has Mira-Janes nice personality and is calm and sweet. She fan girls over romance and loves making dreams (mostly romantic) dreams come true. She has a inner demon called kitty who is the complete oppesite of her.
 name-Candie Tess age- 16 o in a ángel years 1600. Immortal meaning she can live for ever but can