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AceDarkwolf17 posted on Apr 24, 2012 at 11:57PM
In this storyline, the main mages are either children and/or grand-children of the original characters (Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, etc.....) Now there are all new guilds, new magic, etc.....


-then go down to Classifiactions (for link above)

*It has a wide range of Magic but if you want to make your own, the e-mail me what it does*

The Guilds are:

Fairy Tail - Light (people of Fiore didnt want it changed)

Midnight Wolf - Neutral

Demon Slayer - Dark

Character Format:

Name: (First and last)






Type of Magic: (Max of 3)


Member Stamp: (Color and location)

Appearance: (descriptive)

Personality: (Descriptive)



Fairy Tail Guild
Laxus Dreyar - Guild Master

Alex Dreyar - AceDarkwolf17 (Me)
Konoha Dragneel - FunkmasterD
Joanna Fernandes - Taiwan01
Artemis - Wishey
Juliet & Gray Fullbuster Jr. - GruviaFan
Jason Heartfilia - FinchelFaxFan
Omen Dawnstar - WolfMaster 3000
Talon Barnes - WolfMaster 3000

Midnight Wolf Guild - Destroyed/Members Disbanned
Lexi Trusdale - Guild Master/Disbanned

Demon Slayer Guild
Zero - Guild Master

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