fairy tail Let share our parte superior, arriba 5 Fairy Tail's most favorito! Character

vampiregalz posted on Feb 18, 2012 at 05:42PM
since the Fairy forum here is very silent (- -||)
so i just think about start up some (maybe) fun topics here
how about sharing our most favorite character?

okay i will go first

#5 Laxus

Reason: i don't really like this character at first but when everything in fighting festival arc was clear, i gradually love this character. and i've completely fallen in love with Laxus when he came to Tenrou island and help the almost fallen Fairy.

#4 Freed

Reason: I like Freed since the first time he showed up in the story maybe it's because of his appearance XD but i truly in love with this character in ep. 74 "Wendy's First Big Mission!?" I think he is so kawaii and very funny here haha I still remember when Freed look up to the sky which has Laxus on it ^^

#3 Gray

Reason: Gray is cool!! i believe he is one of the most good-looking guy in Fairy Tail. His magic power, his appearance, his words, and even his habit is ALL! and that is why i love his character

#2 Natsu

Reason: I can say that he is my hero. Eventhough he's always hot-tempered and don't know how to treat a girl but his smile make me completely fall ><" Natsu's smile is the sweetest in this world.

#1 Jellal

Reason: The truth is i love Jellal since the 1st episode (as Siegrain at that time) and i almost crazy when he remind Erza to keep their secret in Episode 10. He's damn hot there. The more i know about his story with Erza the more i fall in love with this character and this feeling goes on and on in Oracion Seis arc, Tenrou (even just a few minutes scene), and X791

that's all so next is your turn .... share some idea pls ^^
i'm afraid there is no one answer this T^T
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hace más de un año BakaOnibi said…
I don't think you'll be able to turn this into a very active forum, but at least you're trying.

5. Pantherlily
Needed a 5th character and he's my favourite Exceed so I chose Lily. Strong unlike the others, bit of a sad back story. Can't hate him, so there you have it my 5th favourite.

4. Milliana
Even though she wasn't a major threat, she is still my favourite villain. Really funny and cute with her cat obsessions. Wanting her to come back and have a good role in another arc.

3. Levy
Call it a fan-boy crush, I just love Levy. <3

2. Mystogan/Edo-Jellal
From early on he has been one of my favourites, the powerful mysterious guy. Him turning out to be a prince did strike me as a bit OTT but nevertheless he is a great character.

1. Jellal
Well, who doesn't like Jellal. He has been an amazing character from the beginning, even when he was the villain he was a great character. His romance with Erza is one of the main reasons I keep reading/watching Fairy Tail. But I guess what pushes him to my favourite is I loved Mashima's previous manga Rave Master (well I say loved, it was good but got quite boring after a while). I love how Jellal looks like a young Sieghart.

So there's my favourite 5. Wonder how many other people are going reply to this forum.
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hace más de un año vampiregalz said…
^ haha i'm looking forward to it too
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
hmm top 5 eh this is hard

5 Zancrow

reason : well even though you didn't see Zancrow for all that long nor did he really live -_-, Just when he beat up Natsu that fear that Insainty Zancrow had the Hostility Zancrow made you feel was just amazing I also loved his fire god slayer magic.

4. Gildarts

reason : I always liked Gildarts and when he came into Tenrou Island and fought blue note I've never gotten so Much goose bumps from one head butt in my life just the intenseity you feel from watching that fight is so exlerating. I also like his personality

3. Sting

reason : in the recent manag chapters a dragon slayer named sting has shown himself he is a part of saber tooth and IDK why but every fiber in my body goes off when I see this man and his personality is like mine.

2. Hades

Reason : where do I begun why I loved Hades geeze's umm well 1 he took on all of fairy tail and almost won. 2. he laid the beat down on Makarov. 3. he's just awesome his power was great and even though he was like 80 if not older he still was able to prove to be better than as he said "Makarov's" brood of fairys.

1. the moment we've all been waiting for my most favourite charcter in fairy tail is -drum roll- Gajeel RedFox

Reason : I had a natural "attraction" to Gajeel when I first saw him was it his Iron Dragon slayer Magic ? yes that was part of it. I also like his personality even though he's curel he still loves fairy tail and his friends in it . Much like myself ;) .