Fairy Tail Confessions
Hello, FT. This articulo shows anonymous confessions worldwide shared on Tumblr's Fairy Tail Confessions, and the purpose is to bring fans of this series closer and bond into a stronger community. These confessions are part of the shipping edition! Do not spread hate, and remember to keep an open mind to know that these are anonymous confession made por global fans (and not me)! Once again, I give credits to Fairy Tail Confession on Tumblr. Thank you.

1) “I find it strange how not a lot of people support Ultear x Jellal - Villains who are both trying to atone for their sins. They’re made to understand and fight for each other. Simple meant to be.”

Ultear X Jellal

2) “I amor Edolas NaLu más than Earthland NaLu. Just the couple though, not the characters.”

Edolas NaLu

3) "I ship Natsu x Juvia so hard! And I am not joking. They are meant to be together. fuego + Water = LOVE"


4) "Laxus X Cana is a thirsty ship. The biggest shippers can only link them to their clothes and beer. They hardly interact. Cana's más interested in Lucy's breasts than Laxus anyway."


5) "Jerza and Kinabra seems quite similar to me sometimes."

JeRza & KinaBra

6) "Zeref x Lucy is like a sin. And I amor it."


7) "I honestly thought that Seilah and Kyoka’s relationship was one of the sweetest in the show. "

Seliah and Kyoka

8) "I have no idea if this is a thing yet, but I really ship Acnologia (human form) and Future Rogue. Do I regret it? Absolutely not!"

Acnologia and Future Rogue

9) "Worst fanon/crack ships for me are Bixanna, Rogura, and Laxana. Ships don't really have to make sense sometimes, but these ships just don't really do it for me."

Crack Ships

10) "Zervis is a wonderful ship that developed beautifully within just a few chapters and it pisses me off how Na//lu is trying to piggy back ride off of Zervis with their paralolz."


This was Ten Anonymous (Not The Author's Opinions!) Fairy Tail Confessions: Shipping Edition (Credits to Fairy Tail Confessions on Tumblr). I hoped tu enjoyed it! Thank tu for lectura and being respectful!