L' Officiel Hommes interview trans

Lay: if I really had my powers, I would quickly go to the hospital after schedules and heal all the sick people

Luhan: [If I had my powers] I would prevent Kris from being able to use his powers (fly) haha!

Tao: If I had power to control time, I would stop time in the night. BC of our busy schedules I haven’t been able to sleep

Q: what time did tu wake up today? / Luhan: 6AM. It takes a long time to get ready BC the number of members. I’m actually sleepy rn too

Q: When are tu the most happy in the day? / Kyungsoo: when we’re going inicial after schedules. “Yes! Finally we can go inicial and sleep!"

Q: When do tu have the most fun? / Chen: what? When I’m eating! / Baek: when I’m on stage- time seems to go so fast! But waiting is boring

Q: if tu were dado a break what would tu do? / Xiumin: I would play a lot with Friends, eat good comida / CY: playa vacation with my family

Q: There are many boy groups these days. What is Exo’s “weapon"? / Kai: our looks? we’re all really handsome!

Q: what makes exo diff from other boy groups? / Xiumin: all 12 members have their charisma. Also we have most members out of all groups rn

Q: what makes exo different from other groups? / Baekhyun: our songs are sang in Chinese and Korean- that’s our special charm

Q: exo in 10 years? /CY: we will still be promoting as Exo! But we will have individual promotions /DO: preparing for our 10th año concert?

Q: exo in 10 years? / Chen: preparing for a special Exo’s 10 año concert. Probably a world tour that has many of Exo’s individuality

Q: Lastly, something to the exo fans? / Sehun: I won’t say anything long. We will be together to the end!