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posted by EVIL_angelXLOVE
today he put his arms around me
it felt as if we were at a prom
not sure if thats good o bad but,
then we had out fourheads touching
'now this is freakin me out'
what is a girl to do
i mean hes cute and all,and hes my crush
but i wasnt susspecting this
why is he doing this?
is this a scam
im confused like seriously

as i think to my self
while hes staring at me with his mocha eyes
ok this kid looks like blake michael
but shorter hair and lighter hair with
justin biebers eyes"gee i hate justin bieber
just thinking of him i wanna die)
this kids eyes and his smile just makes me melt
he leans...
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posted by EVIL_angelXLOVE
dont look down
cause its easier falling from force
just letting it take natures course
and picking it up when its over

dont be afraid
cause the chances are there for the take
but treasure the choices tu make
and know when tu must take it slower

you make think you've had it rough!!
and try to give up
but when tu think your stuck
just go another way

dont let go of good times
and let the bad ones know tu feel fine
and wear your corazón out on your sleeve
cause amor is all
love is all
you need!!....

dont be rushed
cause hurrying causes mistakes
and make sure to give más than take
cause sharing your self...
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posted by EVIL_angelXLOVE
ima be written songs i wrote and some i didnt like some por christina grimmie jeydon wale selena gomez and DEMI lovato!!!!
and so tu get to know me ask mi frends on here
and the rest is
hkhkh my gkjgggtkgkgk real fifnfnvgifn name dinvifnvfnvfvinbv is degfningi kayleen dfnfgnoefneft schleeter

hahah did tu find my real name
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