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I will not be escritura this story every día because actually i am busy with Crescent Moon! thanks
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Hope tu like it!

-LUNCH THE siguiente DAY-

I walked to lunch quietly, Brooke and Marissa at my side. As we waited in the lunch line, we met up with Savannah, Paige, Sarah, and Shelby. We talked and laughed while waiting in the tremendously long lunch line. I grabbed my tray and added a hamburguesa con queso and frenchfries to my milk. i waited for my friends to get their comida and we headed to our spot. As I approached the table, I quickly noticed that it wasn't empty. In Shelby's usual spot sat the new girl, Taylor. "Um, excuse you." Shelby said, glaring at the girl. "Your in my spot." Her tone was...
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I walked to school slowly with my lunch box in hand. "Living close to the school will save a lot of money on gas, Madison." My father had said.
"A little exercise couldn't hurt you." I stopped at the main doors and waited for the janitor to let me in. I was early again. I could see him halfway down the hallway coming to protect me from the long ten minuto wait. "Good morning, Madison." He dicho has he reached the doors. I nodded in response. I sunk to the ground with my head phones in my ears and watched as other...
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