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In the west, people are used to takeout Chinese food such as fried rice, or chicken balls or sweet and sour whatever, etc. This is a small sample of Chinese food and usually quite westernized.
Try the authentic food
There is an enormous variety of Chinese food that differs greatly from region to region. One interesting thing about Chinese traveling in China or Hong Kong is to try out different food. You will find how different from what you have known from the fast food stand and how enjoyable it will be if you just release yourself from traditional food paradigm.
Food is a central part of the Chinese culture
Chinese cuisine is one of the greatest methods of cooking. Many elements that have influenced its development. The Chinese people enjoy eating good food at all levels of society so cooking has developed into a very sophisticated art.
Confucius once said: "Eating is the utmost important part of life."
A delightful and delicious meal creates happiness, harmony, mental and physical well-being. Prosperity is another element that has influenced Chinese cooking. During China's long history, she had several "golden eras". When peace, good weather and intelligent leaders were combined, both the people and the monarchs developed their culture through art, science, and countless good recipes. Today Chinese, after one hundred year of suffering, are again enjoying their stability and good life. You can try out all the good Chinese food all over the world.
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hace más de un año aholic said…
I have only twice tried chinese food and that was in Spain and France. But it was in restaurants so there were many dishes. I think it's more in the US where people buy it from a take-away and don't know how many dishes there actually is.