eragon Who would be your cast if tu were to remake the eragon movie?

Kell-N75 posted on Aug 06, 2009 at 04:43PM
Ok so we all know that the movie sucked but if the movie gets remade who would be in the next movie? i just want to hear who would be in your cast if you were to remake the movie? There's no wrong or right answers just want to see your guy's opinions!

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hace más de un año TeVaerua said…
well originally they wanted alex pettyfer (from alex rider- stormbrekaer) to be eragon but hes afraid of flying and they filmed in eastern europe. but i think he could have been good for eragon, but he'd have to have brown hair- its the little things that count.

arya- maybe kristin kreuk, she looks good- beautiful, green eyes, dark hair, but she may be to sweet/soft for arya, hmmm...not sure

angela- Helena Bonham-Carter

saphira- looked like some freakish sea-snake with wings so she would need a new drawer or animater or whatever- she needs to look more like she does on the book cover.

The urgals- give them horns! How hard can that be?

everyone else was alright. its just arya that really bugged me, im not too happy with kristin either but shes all i could think of at the moment, if i think of someone else i'll post. arya's a real tough one to pick.
hace más de un año Magicuser said…
yea definatly someone else shoud be arya so she dosent to 40 yrs old!!!
hace más de un año Kell-N75 said…
I would love to see Kristen Kreuk play Arya! she totally fits the standards for that character and she's hella young so....
hace más de un año Isy-co said…
eragon- they could change Eragon to some other guy...but i don't know whom

arya- they SHOULD CHANGE ARYA..someone young and so on..kristen kreuk is not a bad choice though!

angela- Helena Bonham Carter, she should play it!

murtagh- i think he is fine, as well as the rest of the others
hace más de un año celskeet2020 said…
They need to change Eragon and Arya. They seem to be over-exaggerating their acting.

DO NOT change Christopher Egan out of Roran's role. He's to good to be changed :)
hace más de un año dejalopez15 said…
Well, everyone was ok except for Angela and Arya. I always imagined Arya as kind of Latin looking or egyptian (basically dark skin and hair) and they did horrible in the movie. Her ears weren't even pointed. I think contacts would have to be used because the green for her eyes is probably extremely rare. My choices would be:
-kristin kreuk,
-i sorta like adriana lima, but i feel like she'd be too well known and not taken seriously,
-damn it if Liz Taylor was alive and young looking she'd be so perfect,
-maybe Jessica Szohr,
-BUT i reeeaaally like Odette Annable, they just need her make-up (barely any) and hair exactly right.

Brom didn't look like he was supposed to, but Jeremy Irons did a good job so that doesn't bother me.

Ajihad they got perfect, and Nasuada was brief but ok, but if I had to choose probably Gugu Mbatha-Raw.
It pissed me off they didn't include Orik,
and Saphira looked like a Nazgul.
Roran and Garrow were fine, they just didn't include Katrina, maybe Aviva Baumannfor her.
Murtagh was alright, his hair was annoying.
Durza was good.
They could've done better with Eragon so: Ben Barnes!!! Also maybe Logan Lerman but then we'd have a bunch of 12 year old girls squealing about. So Ben Barnes
It also made me mad they didn't go to Teirm, and a Jeod wouldn't be hard to find.

Overall I think they did a lazy, poor job on this movie and someone else should try again.
dejalopez15 commented…
never mind not jessica szohr. I like Olivia Munn too. She has that exotic look. hace más de un año
hace más de un año mellymel604 said…
loved the cast..except Arya...definatly keep Garret...