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dane14 posted on Nov 07, 2008 at 01:47PM
does anyone know when the fourth book is going to come out???

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hace más de un año Grapejuice said…
No, I don't, but does it make you sad that we all have wait so long for the next one? It takes a long time to write a good book, especilly a really thick one, like Eragon, Eldest and
Brisngr. Ummmm, possibly, ummmm, somewhere in 2010. Or late 2009 if he writes fast.
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hace más de un año TeVaerua said…
there has been no official release date yet but there was 3yrs between the publications of eldest & brisingr so maybe 2011? however as brisingr & book IV were originally going to be one book hes probably got most of the story down so it could be mid-late 2010, but i dont think any earlier.
hace más de un año ilovereading said…
It's called Inheritance it will be realesed in November 2011.