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greekgirlA posted on Jul 22, 2011 at 04:07PM
up in the northern lands, east past the forest of elves, the land not known to the men of of the empire. a story brews,and you are in that story.
in this you may be any thing from the inheritance cycle: dragon,rider, dwarf, elf,human,witch,shade,spirit,magician,you name it!

post it like this

looks and/or pic.
then just jump in!don't like don't join.simple as that.

plz don't have to many of 1 species (human aceptible though)

(i kinda want this to be a story,and i like long posts)

and try not to control others actions.only if necessary.

and, no spam. plz know things about eragon from the BOOKS not movie.OK! let us begin.
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hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
name: Queriquim
creature: werecat

 name: Queriquim gender:female creature: werecat
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
ok not a very popular thing

i was walking to my den thinking about the war going on in Aligasia
my kin were little thier as were the dragons and riders. wear as hear there were little humans. most were more like ...survivors.a long time ago humans went on a quest to the northern and eastern land. none made it to the east they either died in the dessert or in the great woods.but 5 companions made it north.
and were granted the ability of rebirth.that is why the dragons of Aliegasia fled hear. only some though.
i heard a noise and came back from my thoughts.i froze.turned slowly. and.i saw a .......

someone else plz post hear! and finish this part!
hace más de un año ilovereading said…
big smile
Name: Shoue
Gender: Female
Creature: Wild dragon
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 Name: Shoue Gender: Female Creature: Wild dragon
hace más de un año ilovereading said…
This is going to be so much fun!

Just a few questions before I start:
- When continuing the story, do we pick up where the story ended, or can it be a few hours/days latter?
- Must we switch the viewpoint (to our character), or can we keep the previous viewpoint?

BTW: Most of the time, there is almost nobody on the Eragon spot. :( Exept from some people who come here for a few minutes, give a few comments and then leave for good. And me of course.
Anyway, I hope more fans will show up on this forum, it seems awsome.
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hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
hey thanks and very cool pic. can pick up were ever you feel necessary.even like before.
B.plz if the keep your POV except if you have permission from the person.

other than that....
hace más de un año ilovereading said…
With a light bump, I landed on a forest clearing and folded my wings. When I was younger I could soar the skies in search for prey for days, but now I had to land at least every few hours.
Only then have I noticed that there was a cat staring at me in the edge of the clearing. The food was scarce in these lands. "These lands" were the only place I have ever been, but dragons that came from south said the pray was more aboundant there.
For a few moments, I was considering eating the cat. But no, cats taste badly and this one looked like it could run away if I attempted to roast it. Insted, I tried to reach it with my mind.
Who are you, little furry-thing? I asked and thought how ancient my mind must seem to small, short-lived prey. Only to realise that the cat was no cat at all, but a werecat with complex mind. I growled very quietly and waited for a reply.
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hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
i was amused and so my ansewer was too,"i am one of many names." after a thought i added "you may call me Queriquim.and i am more forgiving than some of my will do well to remember that." i said with my mind."and winged one, would you mind to give name?"
"ah,yes i am Shoue.a wild dragon of the north."
"pleased to meet a dragon that knows little of the southern areas.the ones that do are rather unpleasant i may say."
"you know of the south?and its food population?"
i laughed."it is suicide to go their now.let time meantime,you are hungry,come and eat."the purple dragon followed me to my den(that very well could be a dragons)i sat by the food.
"how dose a small creature like you kill a moose?"
i purred
hace más de un año ilovereading said…
I was watching sleeping Queriquim and thinking about what she had told me.
I knew there were dragons bound to humans in the south. One of them, an old orange dragon that has lost his two-legged came to this forests over a century ago and I've got a chance to talk to him. He wouldn't say much, he was full of sorrow and rage. But to scared to return. He said they had his heart and that he musn't die. I thought he was a coward. I hadn't said this, however. He was already too hurt.
I was grateful I didn't have a Rider. It saved me so much pain. Otherwise I never bothered to think about Alagaesia, elves or Riders. I was here and they were there. Until now. If Queriquim haven't lied, there were less than half a dozen living dragons in the land that was once full of my kind. I've heard about the war. But to think that it was so devastating...
How many dragons were in the north? Less that hundred. More than fifty. Maybe.
I wrapped my tail around my legs and closed my eyes.
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hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
"shoue,"i said,waking up,"sleep"
i pawed my bed.
"who are they?" shoue asked
thier was no need to ask what she meant so i said," only one is still a dragon.for a dragon without his free will is no dragon at all.*sigh* the trapped ones are thorn,and shurikan. thy free is shapheria.(spelling?) all are with ridders." i thought of my only 2 known kin in the south.
hace más de un año ilovereading said…
The thought of captured dragons who act against their free will filled me with anger and disgust. A part of me wished to fly to the south and save them. I was also furious at the elves. It was their idea to add humans to our pact. And than this human comes along and kills and enslaves dragons.
But I wanted to have nothing with this war. This is why dragons were in the north in the first place. We ran. From our duties. From Riders and elves. My mother came here because she had been chosen to give egg to Riders that year. Egg with me in it. None of us here was better than the orange dragon that fled.
Queriquim stared at me with the look that all cats and werecats master and all I wanted now was to be alone.
Thank you Queriquim, for meat, shelter and news of Alagaesia, but I must go now. It's been almost a day.
The werecat smiled. All she said was I will see you again.
I nodded, spreaded my wings and flew away.
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
Name: empress
Gender: female
Creature: a small witch dragon like a dragon that can do magic if ya get me
Looks: baby pink with a purple stripe running down the side of her wings
Sorry I can't post a picture.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
pb all dragons have magic,they need emotion to use it small as young? ok.and no pic. is needed.
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
name: Phoebe
gender: female
creature: rider
the way i look: long black hair, deep blue eyes, tan complexion, long eyelashes, tall, thin
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
My fire crackled, echoing around the small clearing. I rubbed my hands rapidly together in a pitiful attempt to keep warm.
The long, light purple gown that had once been a beautiful reminder of my old life was now cut to my knees for easy travel. A leather bag lay next to me, filled with nothing more than a few pieces of bread and a miniscule sliver of raw meat.
I had, in fact, been fortunate for most of my life, but now I was on the run. On the run from something so evil I had no idea what it was. My family was dead. They had been killed by the creature that had no name.
I must have sat for hours, watching the flames until they became little sparks burning the spent-out wood I had cut myself. Now I put my head on the leather sack and tried to go to sleep in the darkness.
But I was startled by a light bump on the ground just yards away from me. I looked, and found a large silhouette in the black. At first I was not sure, for it couldn't be true...but there it was. A dragon. Glowing eyes faced the dark shape, ones that seemed to glint with knowledge.
There was a silent exchange between the two creatures, and the dragon followed the glowing eyes away.
I got up, no hope for sleep in my mind now, grabbed my leather bag, and trod as silently as I could behind the dragon, careful not to be knocked over by its tail.
Then I watched as the dragon and werecat had a meal, one that made my mouth water. I watched as they again had a silent exchange. I watched as the dragon spread its wings and flew away.
Then, as I was about to move away myself, the werecat spotted me. I froze with fear.
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
Empress stood as the young girl watched in horror. This girl was soon to become her rider once she was old enough but for now I needed not to scare the poor girl and flew off.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
i totted up to Phoebe,i know a lot more than most, and offered a sliver of meat."go on i will not bite,and you are hungry,aren't you Phoebe?"i spoke with my mind. before she could say anything i trotted off to her camp site and lied down.interesting thins were going to happen i was sure.

bc are you a human ride or elf? you sound human.
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
I stared at the meat for a long time before finally choking it down. Then, feeling guilty about eating the creature's meal, I took my own piece of meat out of my bag and left it in place of the other.
Not knowing whether the werecat was asleep or not, I said, "Thank you." I had not spoken in so long my voice came out in a high squeak. I said it again in case she hadn't understood.
I snuck away, hoping that the werecat was kind enough to let me go. She didn't move, and I began to run after I lost sight of the dull light.
I had been running for a while before I slowed down. A stick cracked behind me. I turned, but there was nothing there. Then another broke to my left.
Then there was a hand over my mouth and a voice. "You're coming with me," it said.
Then, before I could emit a scream, everything went black.

(greekgirlA I am a human.)
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
Empress was flying when she saw phoebe scream she flew down swiftly and swatted the person grabbing onto her with her wing.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
i watched all this silently from atop a branch of a great oak tree.
(i realized something,age. plz post our age too.)
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hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
(age: 13...yes, a very young rider)
I looked up to find that a dragon had saved me from the figure in black, who stumbled into the bushes and ran.
"Thank you." I said, half-afraid and half-about-to-faint.
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
"no problem I'm empress come follow me where there are some shelter and you can rest their for the night.
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
I'm like 2 but I'm a dragon so I guess in human I'd be like I have no idea.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
you would be 2 but act mature.dragons are completely mature when they can breath fer but are always growing.(ancient ones are as big as hills) my peep is a were cat,they are like ageless.but i am youngish. and i am some what pissed(excuse language)that no males are on hear so i am bringing in the powers of being the creator of this rp (dome role plz.)i will play 2 peeps!

name:Legolas Greensleaf
age:1,700 in human years:17
looks and/or pic.:just like him n the lord of the rings
btw best name i can think of so...
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
really? greekgirlA, I laughed so hard when I read that!! I LOVE Legolas!! lol
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
It's a cool name
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
bc,you were thinking,"Orlando bloom SO HOT!"
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
btw L is my elf and Q is my cat

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hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
i was doing the rimgar win a were-cat walked up."Kavatha" i said to it.
"and to you too,legolas,i have know of your dreams.and shall help you," she said.
i understood immediately.i grabed my pack and straped on my arows,sword,and bow. "i am ready."
"good follow me,and call me Quieriqum"

i took the elf to my den and sad that he needn't feel like a stranger,it was his home now too.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
ok someone else POST!
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
ok, since greekgirlA has a boy, i guess i will, too.
name: Jeremiah
gender: male
creature: human
age: about Phoebe's age
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
I will to
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…

i woke up and started preforming the rimgar.then i practiced with my elven bow."vien"i said as i preformed eyesight sharped and i saw the dot in the sky was a young dragon hunting.i let go of the magic and said 'risa" and my sword rose and i pulled out another one to spar with.
i went hunting and then went o find phoebe and emperis.and maybe shoue f she was not business.i found phoebe and sat thier till she notced me and then walked back to my cave,with her following.
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
"What is it?" I asked.
"This place is not safe for any riders at the moment."
"So? I have survived this long." I argued.
The werecat rolled her eyes. "You people can be so naive. I'm not asking you to go, I'm telling you. Unless you want to die or be killed by Galbatorrix's followers, I say you stay with me or leave."
"Fine." I said, standing up. "I'll leave. But I'm not leaving this place. This is where I want to be, and a stupid giant cat like YOU isn't going to stop me from being here!" I turned and ran out of the cave.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
"wo,hold it."i said to a girl that ran into me.
"move it!"she screamed at me and tried to smack me.
she obviously did not know i was an elf (and i was not going to tell her.)because to me her hand was soooooo slow. i caught it and saw the gawigi ignasa (shining palm)on her hand."an argetlam here? my,"then addressing her,she was trying to break my grip,"where is your dragon young rider?"

the young rider with no training,i may add,fell into my plan way she could not resist the curiosity her kind have.
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hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
When the going gets tough, I run. That's how it's always been. I ran when my village was destroyed. I ran when my mother didn't come back from picking berries for a week. I ran when I saw a huge shadow that looked something like a dragon.
So don't expect me to stick around very long.
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
"Please let go!" I cried. "No more strangers...I don't need any more strangers..." I realized i was panicking. He was so good-looking I wanted to cry. And he was evil.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
i turned to my human form(were cat thing)got dressed, and ran out. i am a girl with sharp teeth,and wild short hair. i kept running till i saw a boy and ran almost into him.
"sorry"i said.i looked up to the sky and say a dark form.dragon."follow me.... plz."i begged and ran to a ditch and jumped.
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
"Thanks," I said quietly.
"No problem." the wild girl said.
I got up. "Your name?"
"Queriquim." (excuse the spelling)
"Odd name."
"I've never heard it before."
"Well, what's yours?"
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
"calm down do want to sit down?"
"you are evil!"she screamed
i obviolsly scared her so i said gently,"sorry but oh...never mind come,follow me." i walked to a clearing i was practicing in earlier

bc stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
"Who are you?" i asked.
hace más de un año pink-bookworm said…
Hi guys I kinda went to the snow so sorry I haven't been on and can someone catch me up.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
you are not from here are you?"
i smiled and said"follow me jeremiah"
i took him to my cave and tosed him a pice of dried meat.
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
(p.s. what is it with you and your cave?)
"I can't take this." I said.
"Sure you can," replied the wild girl. "I've got plenty more."
I was aout to take a bite but my eyes found a piece of purple garment spread on the floor. It looked as if it were from a dress. "Where did you get that?" I asked.
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
i am legolas
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
whoops. on my post i meant J, not Q
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
ijust looked at the boy

(bp read!)
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
"You don't have an accent like mine. What are you?" I asked.
hace más de un año boredcreativity said…
"You didn't steal that, did you?" My voice became scared.
"No..." the wild girl smiled.
"Then where did you get it?"
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
i smiled and held up my bow like it was an ansew.
"i traveled long and i can chande my voice if i want"
"what! how?"
later,but rider, can you fight,and whom is your dragon?