I was just wondering about fourth and last book of Inheritance Cycle, what will happen, who will end up with who... Here are some conclusions and potencial spoilers (lol, only Paolini knows if they are). comentario about what tu think, and we will see how much of it will come true!

I have this wierd feeling it`s going to be Arya, and that is for two reasons:
The last dragon is green. Of what colour are Ayra`s eyes? Green. One of her relatives has a rider`s sword. Of what colour? Green.
And Paolini has this something for the colour of dragones and swords...
Besides, none of riders in the libros so far wasn`t woman and only one was elf, and it was stated that most of riders are elves.
2.Happy ending
Here comes another prediction: eragon X Arya and Saphira X Green Dragon leave Alageasia and live together.

However, there is one reason opposing it. Galbatorix has the last egg and I am quite sure it`s impossible to steal it. This is preety good argument for Galbatorix-fallowing Rider.

Murtagh once mentioned she is great o something. Since they didn`t really talk much, the two of charaters don`t have any relationship. But still, Paolini could make Murtagh king of Alageasia, he could marry Nasuada "for politics".
o he could die sacrifice himself for Eragon.

We all know eragon is going to defeat Galbatorix. How? Well it`s fiction, even more, it`s fantasía (Good guys always win. And I think I am going to write a book, where vilains win purely for reason of such book being in existance.).
Proably he will separate him from power of Eldunari.

Honestly, I am going to go mad, if más than one of this comes true and I will throw the book through the window (EVEN if it`s closed).
Well maybe I`ll go to pick it up, if the escritura does`t suck. ;)