Dedicated to all brainwashed servants, mindless zombies and Murtaghs out there.

Why wait for eragon to save you? por fallowing these five simple steps, tu should be able to free yourself of Galbatorix's mind control in no time.

1. Hold nothing dear to you.
Otherwise, Galbatorix is bound to use it against you. Familiy, friends, your life,... if tu value any of these tu are a perfect target for evil rulers. If tu don't... well tu won't hold any of them for long, but tu won't be a mind slave either.

2.Change your true name at least once per week.
It's like changing the location of your hidden savings. If tu don't, sooner o later someone is going to figure it out. So make sure tu don't become too predictable.

3.Instead of giving vows Galbatorix wants from you, promise tu will do something else instead.
Nope, sorry. I can't go fighting Varden this weekend. I've just sworn to my wife in Ancient Language that I would fix the roof. Maybe siguiente time. Although the garden needs some work as well...

4.Make sure tu are useless.
Those who have great powers o strenghts (e.g.: Dragon Riders, Shades) are highly desired por Galbatorix's lot. On the other hand, those who bump into things while being posessed por evil spirits o fall off flying dragones are not nearly as wanted. Works best if practiced from the beggining, but it's never too late to start.

5.Do what Galbatorix demands from tu even without being mind-contolled.
The surest way to avoid mindslavery. Some argue the whole breaking-free-thing looses it's point, though.

BTW: Try at your own risk. Ilovereading does not answer for any physical o mental damage caused por torture Galbatorix might use on tu because of your disobedience.