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 Edward and Nancy
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Robert really wasn't trying to avoid answering Giselle's preguntas he was really just hungry, really. This is what he kept telling himself as he and Giselle walked the few blocks to Ray's cena and Deli. The walk over had been very uncomfortable for Robert she just kept looking at him in a way that seemed to say that she was still expecting him to answer all of her inquiries. He was glad when they finally made it inside and began talking about comida instead. Giselle didn't know what to order so she allowed Robert to order for her, he got them both a pastrami with Swiss on the house pan de molde, pan with...
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 amor triángulo, triángulo de
Love Triangle
Hi guys, although I had never seen Kate & Leopold. Upon seeing the trailer, I notice a number of similarities with Disney's 2007 film Enchanted!

1. Magical Teleportation

Okay, so both Giselle and Prince Edward are magically teleport to the 21st Century world. The same with Leopold, he is teleport to the 21st Century from 1876.

2. Mannerisms

Giselle and Prince Edward especially reminds me of Leopold, mainly because they do not know the surroundings in the 21st Century especially, Edward is comical while Leopold is serious.

3. The Ballroom Scene

This scene plays a dominant role in both films,...
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